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2:52 PMJeffThe420Chef​ - If anyone is interested, I saw a great video about reading candlesticks. It’s called “candlestick patterns for consistent day trading” profits by masterthemarket. Very informative!
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3:57 PMJeffThe420Chef​ Not that every situation is the same, BUT Hindenburg released a report back in the summer about GRWG and for a brief moment the stock was down to 10-12. It’s now trading in the mid 50’s
4:02 PMMatt W​ What do you think of pot ETF leaps? Like $MJ



ATA Creativity Global
Consumer Defensive | Education & Training Services | China

85% 41mc 32f

No news?

Dec-18-20 07:00AM  
Nov-12-20 04:05PM  


Anavex Life Sciences Corp.
Healthcare | Biotechnology | USA

65% 700mc 65f

Feb-03-21 06:40PM  
Feb-01-21 10:28AM  


vTv Therapeutics Inc.
Healthcare | Biotechnology | USA

40% 207mc 14f

No news?

Jan-06-21 04:30PM  
Dec-15-20 06:15PM  


Tonix Pharmaceuticals Holding Corp.
Healthcare | Biotechnology | USA

35% 320mc 156f

Feb-02-21 08:51AM  
Jan-14-21 07:00AM  


Theratechnologies Inc.
Healthcare | Drug Manufacturers - Specialty & Generic | Canada

80% 220mc 76f

Theratechnologies' Lead Peptide Drug Conjugate TH1902 Receives FDA Fast Track Designation for the Treatment of Sortilin-expressing Cancers

Jan-22-21 05:16AM  
Jan-19-21 09:41AM  


Atossa Therapeutics, Inc.
Healthcare | Biotechnology | USA

35% 323mc 71f

Feb-03-21 09:30AM  
Feb-02-21 09:30AM  
Jan-29-21 09:30AM  




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