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We completed the $25K Challenge where we were able to consistently grow a small account over the PDT rule. We made over $100k profits and now eyes are set to the $500k and eventually the $1,000,000 profit mark. Check out the connect page to get started and up to speed (step 3) with everything we are doing. Let's go!



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Watchlist & Review | Day Trading

Monday markets in free fall so is crypto. Really sitting mostly on the sideline atm. Got 7 interns starting today and some corp taxes due Friday. Plus overall macros this week include Fed meets this week for inflation announcements, More corp earnings, tax season begins and Russia tensions near ATH's. No need to force day trading small caps I say.

Tuesday another rough day in the market 3% down atm but we did have a hammer candle on the indexes that came in yesterday so let's see if the lows hold? Regardless no trades for me again.

Wednesday it's just not a good time to be day trading small caps. Keeping focusing on my swings to figure out how to readjust them to take advantage of this market volatility.

Thursday focused on overall market if we see a top gainer great otherwise no trades. Did small trade on COIN before wrapping up noticed INDO later when I got back - Small Cap MOMO maybe returning!


Watchlist | Swing Trading

  • SOFI
    • BIG buy around $14 MAJOR support zones.
  • XL
    • $3.75 looks to be new floor. Would be a great accumulaiton I beleive. Down 85%+ from ATH's.
  • OTLY
    • $7.9floor forming. Down 75%+ from ATH's. MC finally below 5B.
    • $10.3 maybe exit or selling CC's
  • SBEA
    • SPAC taking Black Rifle Coffee Public, strong support between $10-$11
  • QS
    • $22.5 temp floor coming in I've been accumulating a bit early. Could see retest of $27.5.
  • SPCE
    • Started accumulating but too soon $16.95 avg. Nice support now around $14 would buy more.


Watchlist | Crypto Trading

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