Tuesday: So we have clear perfect moves off the OP right at 930. VOLD ADD just PLUMMETTING to the downside, mag7 very weak, indices also very weak. Once mag7 and indices break vwap then pullup above their PDC and 12 OP that is the short opp right there. Then how do we know to add and hold on this trade? The reason is because of the vold add. Look at how they just consistently make NLOD over and over and over again. Albeit the vold was increasing slightly but the vold increasing while in a major downtrend is usually nothing more than a possible spot to get an entry. VOLD is the last indicator for reversals so if we are trending one direction and vold does a random spike opposite to that direction that is likely the last time to get in for the true move. VOLD is a fakeout machine that is its purpose. NEVER LET THE VOLD FAKE YOU OUT. Its a major issue of mine. So enter the short right above the 12:00 OP then add once we see the breakdown on mag7 and indices. Cover once we hit NLOD. Thats a clean and easy $1k trade minimum. 

Thursday: So same exact situation here on thursday, We have vold add indices and mag7 all below their OP at the open. Mag7 doesnt look good in this screenshot ill post a better one below. 

Mag7 and indicse well below their OP on thursday. Combine that with extremely strong VOLD downtrend as well as ADD as well as tick holding below 0 nearly all morning. This was a perfect 10:00 short which is the same exact pattern as the tuesday session. Again this is where I make all of my money. The short is the hold above PDC and OP then once we break VWAP you add there looking for anything close to 10 points with 20MES. That is a beautiful setup. This trade did not break LOD like the previous example but nonetheless, unless you take this trade the whole way back up, the short was absolutely stunning. 2m Trailing stop wouldve resulted in something like 7 points ish. Holding this one for LOD wouldve been ideal but sometimes we just dont hit LOD before reversing. 

Friday: The icing on the cake. This is a much trickier setup but a great one nonetheless. As mag7 and indices slowly found their bottom from the 10 selloff, ADD and VOLD were just ripping to NLOD over and over and voer and over again. Combine that with a super elevated VIX, you get a very clean mid day second short opp. I had this trade ready and was in with 17MES then the VOLD spiked up for not long while the mag7 was above vwap and I got scared so I exited then flipped long only to take a big loss for no reason at all. The real trade was the first lower high after the double top on the pullup, Then add into it looking for NLOD bc of vold add and overall market weakness. Had I done that its an easy $1k trade but instead I let the vold fake my right out of the trade. So stupid.