Dow: %-0.78


RTY: %-1.77

ES:% -0.54

    - This is all a percentage change from the open to the bottom of the intraday move. I think this may give some insight as to why the move did not last that long and we reversed pretty early on in the day with us ending pretty much flat (intraday). We were still down like -0.60 or something like that on the day so still a sizeable red day bt the biggest and most aggressive moves happened in the premarket and not in the actual intraday price action. How do I properly trade this move lower while being aware of the possibility of a large reversal happening intraday?  


What was the first indication that the move was going to push through pm low at the open?

    - VOLD was at -20s right at the open which means I must take a short immediately but not stupidly. ADD was super red also and still moving lower and again TICK very very bearish with zero values above 0 until 11:25

Why was the RTY the leader of the move lower?

    - Small caps are the weakest of all stocks when it comes to selling. The market works in many ways but one of them is that smart money takes information from data drops and they rotate from risk on to risk off or vice versa. When risk is off they sell the most of the worst shit first and the worst shit out of NQ ES YM and RTY is the RTY obviously because a 2000 small cap market is really not going to be valueable in relation to ES or NQ. Second is NQ because Tech is very "risk on" so when risk is off NQ should in theory be down huge in comparison to ES. ES and YM should probably be down in similar values because they are broader indexes. Russel led the move today which is good for a trend day but NQ was in the same %down as the ES which is sign 1 that this trend day is not going to be incredible. If it was incredible NQ should be down much more than ES. 


    - Weight was not down nearly enough as the futures were. It was quite literally 1/4 as far down as the futures were. Youd think it woudl drag them down a bit which is possible scenario for tomorrow but today they held the market up big time