AI is clearly the trend of the year so far with NVDA SMCI AMD and anything slightly related going absolutely insane while I caught none of it. I knew this was going to happen back when NVDA broke to ATH very quickly in relation to all other stocks after the 2022 fallout. Why did I not buy? What was I waiting for? Trends like this occur once every few years and its better to just get in and expect continuation than it is to watch it slowly go higher without you consistently. I should have entered way back when we broke ATH or even better, much lower. 

Bitcoin is also a massive trend right now that is hilariously missed opp. I knew about the ETF shit at least a year ago and when BTC was at 15,000 I didnt even care to put any money in it meanwhile that ETF news was the biggest BTC catalyst to happen in the past 5 years. Why am I just sitting on the sidelines while the easiest opportunities of all time just show up left and right? It makes zero sense to do this. These are the opps that short bear and lance b look for that occur maybe 10 times per year in certain stocks and specific sectors.