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  1. SPCX
    • space etf
  2. ACAC
    • merging soon with PlayStudios
  3. TRCH
    • ...
  4. SFTW
    • SPAC taking BlackSky public
  5. PSTH
  6. RSVA
  7. GSAT
    • 4:26 PMJeffThe420Chef​What do you think about GSAT? No real catalysts but they signed a deal 2 weeks ago with Qualcomm to include their product in Qualcomm’s 5G modem which will broaden the types of devices that can plug
    • 4:26 PMJeffThe420Chef​into GSAT’s global network. In my humble opinion, that might actually boost earnings this time around. They release on 3/5. It’s highly speculative so I only bought 100 shares. But at under 2.00 seems
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  • QUIK... The Stock I broke a rule which is don't trade a ticker that has yet to prove it can hold it's highs.
  • Mixed vol code
  • ​tradezero - make account shorts available
  • Petition to remove the $25k PDT rule

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R. R. Donnelley & Sons Company
Industrials | Specialty Business Services | USA

50% 158mc 70f

Feb-23-21 05:05PM  



Novo Integrated Sciences, Inc.

Health Care | Health Care Services

770% 95mc 24so

Feb 22nd - OTC that got uplisted to NASDAQ



Salarius Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Healthcare | Biotechnology | USA

35% 45mc 16f

Feb-24-21 07:00AM  



Sypris Solutions, Inc.
Consumer Cyclical | Auto Parts | USA

40% 51mc 11f

Feb-24-21 08:00AM  
Business Wire +42.11%
Feb-08-21 07:30AM  








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