Louisiana Congressman-Elect Dies After Battling COVID-19

Outlook Unclear For $2,000 COVID-19 Relief Payments As Action Shifts To Senate


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3:21 PM Cody Tubbs ​Ghostery is an A+ plugin (Ad blocker)



Conifer Holdings, Inc.
Financial | Insurance - Property & Casualty | USA

140% 25mc 6f

Dec-16-20 11:40PM  

New news??


JanOne Inc.
Industrials | Waste Management | USA

60% 10mc 1f

12 Industrial Stocks Moving After-Market

JanOne (NASDAQ:JAN) shares increased by 69.48% to $8.61 during Tuesday's after-market session. Today's trading volume for this security ended up closing at 2.2 million shares, which is 2783.97 percent of its average volume over the last 100 days. The company's market cap stands at $15.7 million.

03:33 AM EST, 12/24/2020 (MT Newswires) -- JanOne (JAN) on Wednesday filed a registration statement covering the potential sale of up to $100 million in securities.


Bionano Genomics, Inc.
Healthcare | Diagnostics & Research | USA

45% 224mc 151f

Dec-28-20 08:00AM  
Dec-24-20 03:54PM  


Net Element, Inc.
Technology | Software - Infrastructure | USA

40% 55mc 4f

Dec-01-20 03:48PM  

Dec 29th Letter Of Intent for 1.5k MX-05 EV's


ENGlobal Corporation
Industrials | Engineering & Construction | USA

33% 65mc 13f

Dec-07-20 04:30PM  

No news??


Indonesia Energy Corporation Limited
Energy | Oil & Gas E&P | Indonesia

100% 35mc 1.5f

No News??

2:20 PM 1aPPro​ 12/28 Indonesia Energy Corp. Ltd. (NYSE American: INDO) Featured in Virtual Coverage of the LD Micro Main Event


Bit Digital, Inc.
Technology | Software - Application | USA

24% 480mc 33f

Dec-21-20 09:00AM  

Rally on BTC "engages in the bitcoin mining business"


Professional Diversity Network, Inc.
Industrials | Staffing & Employment Services | USA

40% 18mc 6f

Dec-30-20 08:20AM  


IMAC Holdings, Inc.
Healthcare | Medical Care Facilities | USA

45% 14mc 7f

Dec-30-20 09:00AM  


Bionano Genomics, Inc.
Healthcare | Diagnostics & Research | USA

45% 225mc 150f

Dec-30-20 08:00AM  





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