What a wild week. I had a masterclass on rollercoaster trading. I noticed that over and over and over again I was in on trade simply too early. I need to make sure that when we are pre-data its extremely important to let the first bit of traders stop out before I go hard and hold a trade. This week there was multiple scenarios where had I just waited for a LL to hit instead of using FVGs I probably couldve made a ton of money. Its so difficult to do that though especially when I am more willing to take trades anymore. I just need to make sure that I also push it as hard as i possibly can when I am green and moving in the upwards direction. Now, for an anticipation week its really hard to keep trading and its probably not the best idea but at the same time if I dont push it on the good days and do push it on the bad days then its not a chance but a guarantee that I am going to blow up at some point.