Monday: +46pts
Internals: (first 30m) 3/4 Bearish
Internals (excluding first 30m) 3/4 Bullish
Results: -$106


Tuesday: -20pts
Internals : 2/2
Internals: 3/4 Bearish but after 10:30 we flipped again. Very ugly day but FOMC next day so it makes sense
Results: +$285


Wednesday: -69pts


Thurday: +60pts
Internals: 2/2
Internals: 2/2
Should NOT be trading on a day like this


Friday: +44pts
Internals: first 5 minutes: 4/4 Bearish. After first 15 minutes 3/4 Bullish
Internals: After first 30m: 4/4 bullish

Fundamental flaws: On friday we had probably the easiest and best trend day scenario that I have ever seen and I missed my fill by only 2 ticks in which I was going to size heavily into had I been filled. I think on that trade I probably wouldve made at least $1k profit but overall I still was not trading properly. I couldve easily made many thousands of dollars once I realized that we had 4/4 A+ scenario trend day. I couldve also held 1 for the target of highest SIBI which wouldve given me probably another $1k in profit. I think on this day specifically I should have made around $2k but instead of doing that I lost about $300. If I let another 4/4 internal day slip past me and to the long side because the overall macro trend is still heavily biased towards long trades, then there is just no way ill ever make money from this strategy. It just wont work, ever. To make the minimum on AA and to actually lose is beyond troubling. I need to realize that this strategy is not one that needs to be traded daily, its way more likely that I get 1-2 really good trades in per week and in the once per month scenario where its clear as day I could make maybe $1-6k. Without those big wins it makes it nearly impossible to make money. I also need to realize on those rare 4/4 NHOD back to back days its gotta be a full session of trading, well at least until 12:00. These trend days will just go and go and go forever until they randomly drop 20 points then they will probably just keep going anyways. Its so silly for me to think that I missed my fill and I just stop trading because I was sad about it. Grow the fuck up man, nobody gives a shit if you are a billionaire or a broke bitch. Just do what you know needs to be done and execute the strategy. I cant be fully 100% mad at myself though because I was prepared and ready to get in for a big win on that pullback trade that I missed by 2 ticks and sometimes it just wont hit ur spot and there is nothing you can do about it. 



1. If its the AA day, just fucking sprint and size heavily while still being intelligent about entries and exits. It doesnt mean just buy and hold all day, that is not your strategy. Identify the momentum, find the FVGs that make hte most sense, trade them aggressively and with size until you see a big shift in the trend or start to lose. Simple as that. 
2. If its the 55 or 66 day just be small, stay small, lose the minimum or win the minimum, and better yet just walk away after 1 or 2 trades. You wont make a lot so why push it? makes no sense
3. STOP TRADING BEFORE 10:00........This is a huge issue for me right now, I keep taking big losses early on in the session and have to claw myself back to green which makes me way less aggressive when a true clean setup happens. This week I Am due for a bigger win if we get the AA scenario. If I keep taking big losses early it just makes it that much harder to size up and take a big win. Its already hard enough as is why would I made it even harder? doesnt make any sense.