This week was tough low voltlity and chopy i didn't expect it to be choppy this week ik it was going to be bad next week but not this week, my game plan is to only take break outs next week and wait for obvous patterns no retracemtns or rtg or gtr trades set ups and only obvouis falg patterns.  I was looking at my tradig this week and honestly it wasnt too bad the only real mistakes i made was on the last day and i really wanted tp push, i statred looking at stocks out side of my scanner cuz there was no set ups and ot was almost time to walk. mad at my self yes they were decent set ups but still not the types of stocks i should be looking at. in my review i found that i want to shoot for 

  • Trades with lower sl 
  • Paying more attention to iv 
  • Dont move the sl so close when tryign to scale out let the trade breath unless you alrdy up big 
  • Scalling in and out , example entry on one contract and adding on conformation
  • dont trade stocks not on the list -_-
  • when markets are on fire can play the retracemtns more and the 1 min flag/ pull back but rn nee dto foucus on good set ups while markets are slow base hits are good too 

12.28.23 looking back i think alot of my issues are coming from going aginst vol yes sometimes i will still get stoped out but i need to go with the flow, i need to trade with the macd not against it. It is not 100% proof but will give me a better edge and also help me see the market better this is why i put the macd on there to see the momnetum .