Yesterday was a poor discipline day so we have to fix that, even though I kept my stops tight. Yesterday at the end of day we had a big spike and ended the day green. In the premarket we continued to trend high and are opening around the +1pivot and above VWAP. CPI numbers come out tomorrow so I expect the day to be a little choppy/muted, not to mention I have a conference at 10:00 a.m. so I don't want to rush into anything. 0pivot 4434.83, +1pivot 4458.67, +2pivot 4472.08; -1pivot 4421.42. Other levels of interest that may warrant watching are 4455.75 (the top of premarket), and 4439 (the bottom of premarket).


As expected today was very balanced, we had a sharp sell-off at open but it was nearly impossible to catch. As a result I did not take any trades.