August 16, 2023 (2 Trades) (-$17.00)

Overall Grade: B-





Trade 1 - Long 2 calls @ VWAP / PM Line

Grade: B-

  • following intraday trend - good
  • entry - not so good - I was buying with no proven support to the left - just hoping VWAP and/or PM Line would hold 
  • stop was a close below the red line (I drew that line just before enetering the trade as my stop)
  • ^^ didn't follow stop thoo lol and I ended up stoping the bottom, but not upset because i knew I needed to get out because it could have been worse
  • I took the falling knife entry which is usually dangerous, better in this situation to wait for a bottom to risk off if I want to play it before the trend break
  • Overal', right idea wrong timing on this trade

FIX: Don't take the falling knife entry

(Trade 1 result below)


Trade 2 - Long 1 Call @ PM Line Close & Pullback

Grade: B-

  • sketchier trade here because of the morning range
  • played calls though because of open move into range
  • waited for close above PM line and pullback to previous support
  • entry was good
  • good job using half size, sketchy in the middle of the range
  • decently held the winner but target (blue line) would have hit on the following candle

FIX: Hold to target