August 17, 2023 (2 Trades) (+$18.00)

Overall Grade: B-

Day Summary: Today was a decent day as I only took 2 trades. The first was a loser but i finished the day green because my 2nd trade was a winner that was almost 2x my loser (not including comissions). I was however dealing with a super TOS lag during trade 2 and I still managed to hold for a nice winner.





Trade 1 - Long 2 Calls @ No Set Up

Grade: C-

  • this trade was unnecessary
  • poor entry (middle off morning consolidation) - trying to buy the pullback of a morning reversal
  • traded with a long bias
  • fighting intraday trend
  • stop was a close below low blue line - didn't stick to it but got out on a green candle at least

FIX: Just don't take this trade. Enter at a level of proven support (calls)


Trade 2 - Long 2 Calls @ PDC (10am Hour Reversal)

Grade: B+

  • calls at support - good
  • fighting the trend - not ideal
  • held winner very well even with a severe TOS lag
  • first exit is a good spot for partials because of prior consolidation support
  • 2nd exit is beautiful

FIX: Restart TOS when it's lagging before you take a trade lol