Date: 10/27/23

Goal: (One Thing you Are Trying to Improve upon)

Exit Strategy 

Grade: (How Well Did you Achieve your Goal) 

B - There were minimal Setups to hold for an extended move, but I was able to exercise discipline by cutting losers quickly and taking profits before they turned to losses

Morning Temp: (Emotions, Sleep, Energy)

Well Rested, ready to attack the day. Higher energy than normal

Overview for Each Ticker: (Chart Screenshots, news, stats, General Performance, etc)

Ticker & Sector: APLM

News:Apollomics Announces Report of Activity of Vebreltinib in Glioblastoma Multiforme (GBM) with PTPRZ-MET Fusion

Float: 4.54m

Intraday Chart


Daily Chart:

Details: Premarket I was a little gungho on toward the high. I followed my breakout or bailout system that works ins strong market sentiments but it did not payout and I was able to cut my losses quick as soon as it didn’t work. My breakout or bailout system is great during periods of hot market momentum, trading that setup on APLM was not the best strategy.

There were minimal A setups today.

At the open APLM was setting up for a gap and go, this was the main watch on the day. I was able to catch a high of day breakout and size up into the high of day to catch a quick pop. This breakout or bailout trade worked tremendously even though it did not hold the highs. In a hotter market sentiment this would have continued higher. I exercised the system correctly at the open and limited my downside risk. I was able to get green on the day. APLM faded back down into the penny stock realm again. 

In weaker markets is better to adjust the system into selling into high of day instead of adding due to lack of momentum. Better to focus on dip trades and selling on pops 1min candle to make new highs, and range trading.



Accuracy 38% Way below my target but it was offset by my Avg win/loss 

Easiest Trade(s) of the Day: (if you traded it, what were your entries/exits) (how did you trade it)   


What I learned or Improved upon today:

Zeroed in on the HOD breakout on APLM and was able to make back many papercuts from earlier in the day with 1 trade.

Changes I need to Make: 

Trading off support off the lows, specifically on APLM premarket there were solid opportunities off the higher lows. 

Youtube Recap: