Well I finally had my real money $1k profit day. only took about 3.5 years to do this. I still couldve made a lot more had I added more aggressively and also held to the true LOD for another 4 points. even if i did nothing different but held for LOD i wouldve made another $600 on ES and probably another $250 on MES. There is so much room for big wins on these types of days.

Why was it A+

1. Big down day yesterday and we spiked in early premarket back into the CPI data candle
2. VOLD and ADD both below OP and making NLOD while MAg7 and Indices rounding off their OR breakout fakeouts
3. TICK steadily declining the entire session
4. Once indices broke OP mag7 followed quickly and then after the break i added 2 more ES contracts. 

recently you just have to get in when the short is available so I just got in and didnt wait for anything, I was fully willing to risk at least $600 on this trade if it wasnt going to work out.