Great example of an A+ day where I somewhat fumbled execution but I knew to get long as many times as possible. The only issue is that instead of 1 big trade where I add and make a few thousand, I had a ton of tiny choppy trades where I lost about $250 for really no reason other than poor stop placement. I need to make sure on these days that if my stop is somewhere likely to get ran I just adjust it and let my trade run. Im not positively sure how to address this because every "solution" may just become another issue. What I did is right for now but eventually Id much rather be able to get in, add on every FVG, have a "absolute stop" and then have my main target of HOD then leave 1 runner for the continuation into a LL. Today was the most clear A+ day that I have personally seen. The only issue was at open futures and ADD were kinda hovering at OP which is a common sight to see on A+ days because the early shakeout gets everyone then it just slowly grinds up into every LL that is in possible range. I think possibly having a 5MES trade near OP just to hold for the session is how I should handle that runner and then meanwhile I trade all FVGs with ES and scalp the life out of it. had I bought 5MES near open and held for the PDH break I wouldve made probably around 10-15 points depending on entr and that would be a great little buffer for my $275 ES trades. Today could have been a >$500 day and more likely a >$1000 day had I been more aggressive but its hard to be angry when im green. only $100 more dollars until funding on Apex