2. NEVER RISK more than a D setup ($50) on a setup that hardly could even qualify as a D setup
3. If there are 3/4 internals there are 3/4 internals and you trade in that direction. no variations whatsoever. period
4. if Mag7 is at ATH why are you shorting?
5. If we havent even touched the OP on mag7 or indices why are you shorting?

Reasons to go long
1. Internals 3/4 bullish and mag7 and indices showing clear TA of a bullish day
2. VOLD only thing bearish and on a grinding green day that is expected
3. TICK fully neutral but when its neutral you default to the highest internal which is bullish
4. NEver even got close to OP or even VWAP
5. Held JOLT data candle with ease
6. HL pretty much on every single pullback
7. Once we broke HOD and failed to fail, it was not going to go lower under any circumstance
8. TSLA up 10% today alone and NVDA flat. Market will follow the leaders
9. NQ led the entire move higher while YM and RTY flat/bullish

Reasons to go short
1. VOLD down (Terrible thesis/ means absolutely nothing if the remaining internals are heavily bullish)
2. Market is stuck in a range (Terrible again because if we broke the top of the range then maybe we could revert lower, we are sitting at the botom of the range just waiting for a big green day
3. ?Failed HOD break kind of?"


If I do this more than 2 times per month I will never be a profitable trader. end of story.