Broken Rules
1. added into a short
2. no NLOD on anything but kept conviction
3. Tick above 0 all day
4. Kept trading even after I knew I was wrong
5. Emotionally lost $400 extra dollars for no reason
6. Turned a big winner into an even bigger loser
7. Reacted poorly to being shown that I was wrong

A good short here wouldve been constant LOD on at least 2/4 internals and wouldve been led by the mag7. It also wouldve had the VOLD red on the day and trending lower as well as the ADD. We also wouldve had the indices and mag7 starting flat or very slightly red. We also wouldve had the prior day be flat or close to flat, yesterday was a 50 point drop. That is not a good time to short especially when the daily is in a massive uptrend.