man what a disappointing day. was 150 from funding then lost 300 so now im 500 away from it. not the best way to be but this is what i get for being a pussy and trading with really small size as i approach the 3k mark. I finally get the balls and short the move and i do it in my other apex account which i guess isnt a bad thing but at the same time why the hell am I doing that? just trade the fucking normal account you dweeb. the short became more and more obvious around 1030 because vold add just kept going to LOD while mag7 was rounding a top after making a LH. tick all below 0. this was the best short setup ive seen in a while in terms of "this is 100% happening right now" The trade I took that was good was very very good and the trades I took that were bad were very very very bad. I got long first which makes zero sense when add vold indices tick all bearish. then I got short at the bottom expecting  abreak and we ripped higher, then I got short again and had an improper stop and ended up losing again. Today i lost 300 in the 06 account because I was neglecting my system #1, impatient #2, and a bitch #3 for not taking the real setup once it finally happened.