System Performance:

Confluence zones:
Bearish (Weak): 9:36-9:42
Bullish (Strong): 9:50-10:42

There were zero entry points for Bearish from 9:36-9:42
Bullish Entries:

1. 5m Countertrend new Low (5m candles)

Risk: 2pts
Reward: 5pts

My Performance: (2m)

Result: -2.5 points
    - I fully neglected my system today and went short after we broke HOD because I had a hunch that today was going to be more rangey rather than have strong continuation. This is where I get in trouble with trading, when I create a bias and I stick to it resulting in me not caring about what my system does and rather taking discretionary trades instead. This is not the right way to do it. If I am going to create a bias I must form on for any scenario so then if any occurs i have equal conviction in it happening. I was too stuck on the idea of "we must range today" for really no reason at all. 

Corrections moving forward:
1. Stick to the system
    - Discretion is ok but only 10% of the time and you should hardly ever be making trading decisions based on only discretion
2. If you are out of sync just stay sized down. no reason to push when you arent in flow