- Uneventful day, took 1 basically scratch trade as the market had a hard time making decisions.

System: When 3/3 internals trend, then trade in that direction.

    - As you can see above there was not a time where 3/3 internals were trending together. VOLD ADD were both very strongly moving to the downside at the open and I really wanted to take a short but Weight kept breaking out of its HOD and faking it out but holding the lows. Since Weight was so neutral I was mostly hands off the entire session as I didnt trust a clean pure trend. 

Trade: Simple 5m new high short here for a scalp just to get some cash flow on a boring day. Did not want to push my luck as I was expecting strong chop and ugly conditions given 2/3 internals were trending strongly and 1 was extremely neutral. 


Missed Trades:

This trade is a new 5m candle high within a strong downtrend. I think had I been more aggressive I couldve taken this trade but given the fact that only 2/3 internals are trending together I should be using only 5MES max as my size. Had I gotten this short though it would have been very clean and around 5 points minimum and 8 points maximum.

Same story here but I couldve probably used bigger size since Weight was still faking out the HOD over and over in this spot. This was just a 2m candle wick entry as I was eyeing this up looking for the quick breakdown from VOLD ADD but instead of taking it I hesitated and it went without me. Hesitation is a killer in this strategy. When something happens you need to be able to make a decision extremely fast and if you dont you lose.