When i scale up, i am going to buy more contracts. There are a couple of ways i could treat it.

I could treat it regular as if i had one contracts this would mean small winners and small losers.

I could scale( start with one and add while it pushed my way or gives me another entry ) pros big winners small losses but lots of break evens/ the stock has to go more in my way. 

I could buy 2 and sell one at 1st pt and sell the other one at 2pt / break even pros catching the whole move cons will lose more $ if pt 2 isnt hit or manged correctly

3.15.24 thought about this When it goes in my way fast or in a big way thats when i take half but when its just small candle my way then thats when i take both cuz the momnetum isnnt withh me.Rember i am  a break out trader usalky when i take a trade it should go my way alot and fast. 

* i will go with treating regular untill i have more than 3 contracts that way i can build it small gains quickly and just keep adding up small winss 100 50$ days is still 500 and i need to relize all trades add up no matter how big or small 80/20 rule