Portfolio: Day Trading Small Caps (Unlimited) Stats

Profit: $1,204.01

Portfolio: Swing Trading Stocks

Profit: $704.67

October Analysis

Day trading was really slow for me last month. One of the slowest of the year. I switched a bit of attention to swing trading large caps, which worked well. The reason I'm not showing more significant profits is that I closed out a bigger loser. One that I even reduced the losses on because I managed the position well (after already making the mistake of holding it too long). So a lot of the wins were "correction that loss".

My accuracy last month was horrendous, with a 49.13% win ratio... and a Profit Margin of 15.62%... yikes. The good news is that I had a really solid R:R:

Avg Win 54.30 (1.50%)
Avg Loss -44.26 (-1.14%)

Spent a lot of time Backtesting Trading Strategy On ThinkorSwim 100 Times, this was really insightful and I need to do this once every quarter minimum!


Trading Analysis

  1. Insights
    • Tuesday and Wed were my worst days, very odd.
    • All other stats were consistent with the portfolio avg.
  2. P&L Calendar
    • Took 2 days off due to being sick with food poisoning in Spain.
  3. Running P&L Calendar
    • Many slow-grinding days


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