July 12, 2023 (2 Trades) (+$12.00)

Overall Grade: C+

Day Summary: Today was an important CPI day and a day I probably shouldn't have traded at all.  I knew that from the start of the day, as it just didn't feel like a good morning to me, but i didn't take any trades yesterday so I felt a bit of "have to trade". I took one trade that I closed quickly and one gamble trade. Both were green, but overall not worth the market exposure.





Trade 1 - Long 1 Put @ (no set up)

Grade: C+

  • short on a bullish CPI day
  • single factor trade
  • entry was at resistance - good
  • entry was at 9:58am with 10am news - that's actually why i closed this trade, even though the 10am candle brought us back down to PM High
  • 2 wicks off of PM High made this slightly sketchier

FIX: Overall just avoid this trade


** I didn't even snap a photo of trade 2 because it was just 1 way OTM put and my plan was to take a 5$ gamble and hold to close. Well when we sold off around 1130am I took the profit because it was a 434 strike and I just wanted to stay green. Good thing I did**