July 13, 2023 (3 Trades) (+$15.00)

Overall Grade: 





Trade 1 - Long 2 Puts @ Resistance / Top of 5Min Channel

Grade: B-

  • fighting the trend (from PM and the open) - bad
  • entry at resistance - good
  • multi-factor trade (5min channel kinda sketch)
  • stop was close above high
  • target was VWAP (would've gotta out close) but I covered instead bc Im a bitch - never would have been red on this trade and would have gotten target

FIX: Hold winners. Don't fight the trend. Trust your analysis.


Trade 2 - Long 2 Puts @ Trendbreak Retest / Resistance

Grade: B+ for set up, D+ for management

  • entry at resistance - good
  • multi-factor trade
  • idk why i was sketched on this trade and i covered 1 contract as soon as I was green
  • stopped out before I was even red - stop was a close above the trendline or HOD - whichever hit first
  • target was VWAP - would have hit - thats why we hold winners

FIX: Trust Your Analysis. Hold Winners.


Trade 3 - Long 1 Put @ VP Resistance and ADD strong red

Grade: B-

  • entry in the middle but VP was acting as a resistance
  • multi-factor
  • following the recent range direction but going against the trending direction that brought us into the range
  • entry was after 4th attempt at breaking the low, more likely to break on another attempt with strong volume packed above
  • held well even though I was scared of a bounce
  • exit was on "trick candle" before actually sell through but I'd say exit was conservative for this trade
  • I almost added on this trade 2 candles after entry but bitched out

FIX: Try not to trade ranges in the against the direction that brought us into the range (PM today since range was right at open)