July 14, 2023 (3 Trades) (+$34.00) 




Trade 1 - Long 2 Puts @ Morning resistance / Trendline

Grade: C-

  • fighting trend from PM
  • arguable multi-factor trade I suppose but not strong factors
  • entry wasn't bad but I didn't stick to stop - candle close above trendline
  • what was target ? VWAP ? PM High? PM Resitance ? Yesterday High ? All those were going to be tough levels to break especially PM High because that had proven support
  • Basically, R didn't make sense here

FIX: Take Trades Where The R Makes Sense


Trade 2 - Long 1 Call @ Pullback to PM Support Low

Grade: D

  • gamble trade - bad
  • fighting the trend - bad
  • held with a fuck it mentality - bad
  • got lucky because I was 1c from getting stopped out on the option contract at the Low
  • Theta ate me alive because I covered this trade breakeven

FIX: Don't Gamble In The Stock Market


Trade 3 - Long 1 Put on XOM @ 5 Min VWAP Fade

Grade: B+

  • entry was near support - bad
  • recognized overall bearish day on XOM - coming to a level of support for the 5th time on DAILY (no photo) but likely to break after so many attempts
  • good job knowing HTFs
  • Did a great job holding this trade - watching volume pick up in 5min and 15min throughout the trade even though it was midday
  • Was waiting for that big flushout which we didn't get but I did cover right at the LOD when it seemed the selling had peaked (good guess)
  • 0dte option bought for .08 and sold at .60 (8$ turned to $60 ~ 700% returm)
  • This was a great example of letting a trade work for you
  • Tried to add 1 mroe contract on the pullback after my entry, no fill even when I left the order out for 3-5mins

FIX: Enter at a level of resistance - other than that, not much to improve this trade!