July 21, 2023 (1 trade) (+$12.00)

Overall Grade: B

Day Summary: I almost didn't trade at all today but I took a long that was somewhat sketch but since I stuck to plan, it ended up being a winning trade and I actually held 1 contract to target.  Even though I held through some drawdown, I kept my composure and I stuck to the plan.





Trade 1 - Long 2 Calls @ Key Level (VWAP + PM Line)

Grade: B

  • I did trade this with a bit of a bias thinking that we would trap shorts who finally think the bullish move is ending
  • entering in the middle (actually closer to the top) of the day's range - not ideal
  • entry overall was on support - good
  • took off 1 contract at the white arrow bc I wasn't super confident in this trade
  • help contract number 2 well and held all the way to target (blue line)
  • stop was a candle close below consolidation before VWAP break
  • very happy with how I held contract #2 after the fake breakout/hammer candle and the last red candle before we went green all the way to target
  • this is what happens when you stick to the plan - good job !!

FIX: Beaware of where you are. Today was a range day after the morning sell off and I was trading the middle.