June 26, 2023 (4 Trades) (+$9.00)

Overall Grade: B-

Day Summary: Trade 1 was shit today but it was actually a perfect example of what i have been doing wrong. I've been continuing to buy into resitance and sell into support, and that is something that must change. Trades 2-3 today were so much easier, although not perfect. Not gonna lie, shit felt a bit like a 'click' moment, even though it is such a simple concept. I still did not let winners run though. I need to keep working on that.





Missed Trade 1 - Joined the Bid for 2 Calls - no fill

  • following the trend - good
  • aggressive going for the first sharp pullback of the day - good
  • buying support - good


Trade 1 - Long 2 Calls 

Grade: D-

  • This was a perfect example of what i have been doing recently - buying into resistance
  • I was trying to "follow the trend" of the day but we had made a LH and I bought right into the trendline
  • The only good thing about this trade was that I cut the loss quick
  • I missed a lot of pullback dip buys during the consolidation as I recognized the box quickly, so i was a bit bias here

FIX: Buy into Support - Get aggressive early


Trade 2 - Long 1 Put @ Pullback to key level

Grade: B

  • entry could have been better - closer to key level (PM line) tighter stop but then I risk missing the first good pullback
  • great exit into support
  • sclap a move like this once a day with decent size and you can make good money
  • good job getting aggressive

FIX: Play Line to Line. Entries are at lines. Pay-tience


Trade 3 - Long 1 Call @ key level support

Grade: B-

  • buying into support - good
  • entry at a key level - good
  • going with "trend" of the recent push - recent strength
  • could have held the winner at least for the break of the trendline
  • stop was candle close below PDC - tight stop (beauty of buying at support at a key level)

FIX: Hold Winners


Trade 4 - Long 2 Puts at key level reclaim (continuation)

Grade: B

  • bought puts at resistance of consolidation - good
  • entered puts after fail of key level (CPI Low) - good
  • played in the direction of the overall intraday trend (5min)
  • hold winners - target should have been yesterdays low (dashed red) - it was also previous support from the earlier move

FIX: Hold Winners


TAKEAWAYS: Buying into support, selling into resistance are the main things I need to be focused on formy entires. Holding winners is the main thing I need to work on for my exits. And if I do those things and follow the trend, everything is going to change!