June 7, 2022 (6 Trades) (-$15.00)

Overall Grade: D

Day Summary:  Today was an annoying day bc the wifi went out around 9am and didn't come back until 11am, almost pefectly thought the best time of the session to trade.  Maybe this was a sign but I didn't take it as one. I slapped off a couple mid day breakeven trades before I went to my interview that basically made no sense . I'm not even going to review those trades bc I know it was just boredom trading and i didn't even screenshot those trades. I will, however, review the 2 trades I took in the afternoon once I got home. 


5 Min - SPY


Trade 1 - SHORT 1 Contract (no set up)

Grade: D

  • Huge bias on this trade here. After the morning sell off, I was convinced this would roll over
  • Don't trade a bias, ever
  • early entry / FOMO
  • overall I just "invented this trade"
  • Avoid trades with no set up
  • Also should have stopped this faster, even though I stopped the top -_-


Trade 2 - SHORT 2 Contracts @ top of 5min downtrend (5min channel strategy)

Grade: D

  • This was a slightly more planned out trade than Trade 1 but it was still taken with a strong short bias that we were going to roll over
  • Based on the top of the 5min channel - good that I'm following the trend
  • Overall just too late in the day to be trading and looking for an extended sell off when we just were not getting it
  • first entry was early, but i entered bc of the bearish rejection into the above level
  • took off 1 contract right at the point where it started to work in my favor, but I wanted to "derisk" its 10 fuckin dollars relax lol


For both of these trades, I was willingly shorting into the bottom of the recent consolidation in the current uptrend (see below). Basically shorting into HTF demand zones, so I knew it would be hard. I was really just trading to trade which is a discipline thing

Remember that scalping STF moves will be easier if I know where I am on the HTF


TAKEAWAYS: Only trade when you have a set up.  Don't trade mid/late day unless there is an A+ set up. I consistantly give back money trading in the afternoos so why even do it. The one good takeaway though is that I was following the trend and that will work out more often thn not