From testing and looking at it i think my stragy would work best with penny stocks i have my paremters for the type of stocks i want to trade and i have a group that can help me grow and get better. I think the issue with my stragy is the market i was trying to trade in. I was geting a lot of false break and choppy days. 
from the things i have tested i have a good idea of what i need to do, playing the break out and adjusting my stops accordinly 

  • Work on
    • trading only the breakouts / patterns 
    • stop loss needs to be only 5 $ and i need to adjust size accordingly 
    • also need to be patient and wait for the close when break outs
    • dont over trade and get choped up. 
    • watch the macd need to trade on onlu green mac above vwape and float.