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πŸŽ‰ Episode #37 is live! 🎧

This week, we discuss the quick updates and shed light on TPST stock trading. Our hosts Alex, Toby, Tom, Danny and Colby share their trading experiences, with topics ranging from the challenges of weak markets to the intricacies of selling too soon. We also deep-dive into SPY and inflation analysis, and talk about the best investment strategies in the current landscape. Don't miss out on the game plans for moving forward!

0:00 πŸ“’ Quick Updates & TPST Stock Trading
4:05 ⚠️ Dangers & Weirdness of Weak Markets
9:40 πŸ•’ Toby's Recent Trading (Patience)
10:57 πŸ“Š Tom's Recent Trading (Dips & Breakouts)
17:05 πŸ“‰ Colby's Recent Trading (Selling Too Soon)
28:55 πŸ“ˆ SPY & Inflation Analysis
37:20 πŸ’° The Best Investment Right Now
40:15 🏦 Where Is All The Money Right Now?
44:02 πŸ” NKTX Stock Price Action
46:30 πŸ“… Gameplans Going Forward

πŸ‘‰ πŸŽ§

As always, we're incredibly grateful for your support. If you have any questions, suggestions, or feedback, please don't hesitate to reach out or leave a comment below the video. We're always here to help! 😊 Happy trading and stay tuned for more episodes!

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Full Transcript

00:00:00.000 --> 00:00:07.548
Alexander Winkler: Yeah, it feels weird. Cause I feel like we've been saying that for so long now, like it's another day. You don't want to push it, and I'm just, you know, it's like.

00:00:07.589 --> 00:00:09.420
Danny Camozzo: but at 1 point you gotta

00:00:09.569 --> 00:00:12.329
Alexander Winkler: get some profits in. But yeah, it's

00:00:12.839 --> 00:00:14.069
Alexander Winkler: And Denny.

00:00:14.459 --> 00:00:15.779
Danny Camozzo: what's up, guys?

00:00:16.680 --> 00:00:17.879
Danny Camozzo: I just took

00:00:17.930 --> 00:00:21.449
Danny Camozzo: shares on Tps. T. There.

00:00:23.129 --> 00:00:25.240
Toby Dawson: it had a nice little bounce back.

00:00:26.459 --> 00:00:32.058
Danny Camozzo: Well, I'm still holding the full position. I didn't get any profit out yet. So let's see if I can.

00:00:33.610 --> 00:00:36.629
Alexander Winkler: You bought that fake. Sell off there just now.

00:00:36.779 --> 00:00:38.939
Danny Camozzo: Yeah, I'm in at 65.

00:00:39.639 --> 00:00:41.449
Alexander Winkler: Oh, yeah, that's nice. Actually

00:00:41.699 --> 00:00:50.129
Danny Camozzo: got some out there for 10 cents. Like to see if it can get back over 80. I'm not sure if it will, though.

00:00:51.500 --> 00:00:53.939
Danny Camozzo: Gonna get the rest out there. I guess

00:00:54.459 --> 00:00:57.509
Alexander Winkler: that's where it gets pretty intense

00:00:57.599 --> 00:01:04.759
Alexander Winkler: on those moves, because it's yeah in a way, you're trading backside. And that's that's exactly where I've been losing all my money.

00:01:05.949 --> 00:01:17.538
Danny Camozzo: Yeah, I agree, except kind of on Tps T, because it seems like somebody is buying it up every time it does do a deeper dip.

00:01:19.438 --> 00:01:22.519
Danny Camozzo: But you definitely have to be careful and patient.

00:01:24.409 --> 00:01:30.819
Toby Dawson: Yeah, it's been holding this. So I'm pretty okay, back up

00:01:31.860 --> 00:01:34.529
Danny Camozzo: 1140. Yeah.

00:01:34.919 --> 00:01:40.110
Danny Camozzo: yeah, I didn't expect that. I think I got a little bit of profit on that. But

00:01:41.779 --> 00:01:44.090
Danny Camozzo: I thought it was dead at that point.

00:01:44.309 --> 00:01:45.538
Toby Dawson: I did, too.

00:01:45.830 --> 00:01:56.479
Danny Camozzo: The the hard part is that has, like these huge bullish engulfing candles after that attempted sell-off. and then it just does nothing.

00:01:57.409 --> 00:01:58.289
Alexander Winkler: Yeah.

00:02:02.960 --> 00:02:04.929
Alexander Winkler: I just realized how beautiful

00:02:04.980 --> 00:02:08.610
Toby Dawson: push up close to higher day at some point again. And then I might.

00:02:09.159 --> 00:02:10.159
Danny Camozzo: nice.

00:02:10.620 --> 00:02:11.799
Danny Camozzo: yeah.

00:02:11.990 --> 00:02:13.399
Toby Dawson: be manipulated.

00:02:14.490 --> 00:02:22.308
Danny Camozzo: Yeah, that's what I would be worried about another one of those edx moments, because I mean, it was at 17 cents. You can't forget that.

00:02:22.330 --> 00:02:25.048
Alexander Winkler: And now it's chilling around 7 70.

00:02:25.439 --> 00:02:30.470
Danny Camozzo: Well, the difference, though at least, is that they had news had

00:02:30.649 --> 00:02:35.269
Danny Camozzo: cancer trial results that spiked that so

00:02:37.309 --> 00:02:40.799
Alexander Winkler: might push past 10 at 1 point. I wouldn't even be surprised.

00:02:41.429 --> 00:02:49.230
Danny Camozzo: Yeah, it's holding up fairly well. I'm not sure if it'll I'm not sure if it can do that today.

00:02:51.340 --> 00:02:58.610
Alexander Winkler: Yeah, I'm not sure about today, either, but it definitely feels like, especially on the daily that it's you know, it had the big pull back. And now it's starting to.

00:02:58.659 --> 00:03:01.460
Danny Camozzo: Yeah. yeah.

00:03:04.450 --> 00:03:08.169
Danny Camozzo: I'm worried about going to the gym. I'm sure I'll miss it.

00:03:08.189 --> 00:03:10.429
Alexander Winkler: -Oh.

00:03:12.419 --> 00:03:15.419
Danny Camozzo: but I've treated it pretty well today.

00:03:16.069 --> 00:03:20.289
Danny Camozzo:  I'm just under my highs on it.

00:03:20.629 --> 00:03:23.129
Danny Camozzo: I was at 2,200 on it.

00:03:23.529 --> 00:03:24.950
Alexander Winkler: Oh, that's really nice.

00:03:25.019 --> 00:03:29.250
Danny Camozzo: By the time that, like 1023 candle

00:03:29.759 --> 00:03:36.639
Danny Camozzo: hit, and then in the little pullback, and all of that, I gave back.

00:03:38.490 --> 00:03:46.818
Danny Camozzo: I think, just 500 of it. And then around that 1050, 1049, 1050 candle.

00:03:46.830 --> 00:03:51.990
Danny Camozzo:  I was trying to buy that as a dip, and I

00:03:52.080 --> 00:04:03.909
Danny Camozzo: gave back a lot more. I went from 2,200 on it eventually down to just under 700 on it. But now I'm back up at 1650.

00:04:04.549 --> 00:04:05.779
Danny Camozzo: So

00:04:06.120 --> 00:04:12.979
Danny Camozzo: 2 solid days in a row for me and I'm kind of just trying not to over trade it.

00:04:15.080 --> 00:04:42.769
Alexander Winkler: Yeah, that's that's been my problem. Yesterday I had a Max lost day, and it was so unnecessary like I was training red all day. I was making notes like, you know, it's not looking good for me. I'm training down. I'm a little sick, and I just you know it's not looking good for II was already writing that like pre market, like I just cannot catch a break, and then I'd like market open. I had like 10 red trades in a in a row. No big losers, but I was like just bleeding cash, and I was like, alright.

00:04:43.350 --> 00:04:55.389
Danny Camozzo: not not a good day for me. Period. That's just sometimes you have those days I've really been finding lately that pre-market is like semi untradable.

00:04:55.549 --> 00:04:56.500
Alexander Winkler: Yeah.

00:04:56.730 --> 00:05:00.689
Danny Camozzo: I normally don't focus on it much at all, but

00:05:01.340 --> 00:05:04.729
Danny Camozzo: even just watching it. And I did try to take

00:05:04.929 --> 00:05:12.000
Danny Camozzo: a couple of trades on Sprc before the open today, and I think it was 2 2 losses out of 2 attempts.

00:05:15.700 --> 00:05:21.779
Danny Camozzo: Yeah. P. 3. Market has has not been paying me like it used to at the moment.

00:05:21.939 --> 00:05:26.849
Alexander Winkler: I'll I'll check it at 7 am. And then I basically log off at 7 30

00:05:27.080 --> 00:05:33.309
Alexander Winkler: once once I conclude that nothing's really looking good, because usually I do make most of my money

00:05:33.360 --> 00:05:40.090
Alexander Winkler: right around that 7 7 Am. Time. If there's nothing moving, then I just close it. Maintain that mental

00:05:40.220 --> 00:05:46.119
Alexander Winkler: capacity and mental energy before I throw it all out the window looking at nothing.

00:05:46.240 --> 00:05:47.080
Danny Camozzo: Yeah.

00:05:47.419 --> 00:05:53.088
Danny Camozzo: I think it's a combination of things, number one probably being that

00:05:53.740 --> 00:05:57.000
Danny Camozzo: even with the top gainer top gapper

00:05:57.149 --> 00:06:05.879
Danny Camozzo:  even with them showing like a solid gap up, they seem to trade really terribly.

00:06:06.389 --> 00:06:11.730
Danny Camozzo: I think they're just too crowded. Too many people watching them. Too much garbage going on.

00:06:14.419 --> 00:06:16.788
Alexander Winkler: Yeah, sure feels that way. 100%.

00:06:19.360 --> 00:06:22.370
Danny Camozzo: I'm wishing that I'd held on to

00:06:22.580 --> 00:06:35.939
Danny Camozzo: Tps TA little bit longer, but if it can get back over 8  it gets above descending resistance. There's a hundred 80,000 share seller at 7 90. But

00:06:36.259 --> 00:06:38.938
Danny Camozzo: I think they're going to get squeezed.

00:06:39.100 --> 00:06:39.929
Alexander Winkler: Hmm.

00:06:40.389 --> 00:06:50.099
Alexander Winkler: yeah. You know, trading this late in the morning or day. It's, you know. It's noon now. I feel like hasn't even been the worst approach. I mean, there's been some pretty good moves

00:06:50.139 --> 00:06:53.819
Alexander Winkler: like late 100'clock. It's unusual.

00:06:54.189 --> 00:06:55.439
Danny Camozzo: Yeah.

00:06:56.899 --> 00:07:07.538
Alexander Winkler: I think it's also it's been making a little bit harder for me since I usually don't stick around this late. And I feel like in this market. You really have to just kind of be patient and stare at the market until something happens.

00:07:07.639 --> 00:07:12.658
Danny Camozzo: Yeah, it's kind of frustrating like, last week, because I had been

00:07:12.769 --> 00:07:23.869
Danny Camozzo: in a drawdown for so long, and I still am, but I've had a couple of solid days now. Finally, I started going to the gym like early like right after market opened, and

00:07:24.279 --> 00:07:27.580
Danny Camozzo: just to try to avoid them. The open in like the first hour.

00:07:27.819 --> 00:07:33.960
Danny Camozzo:  And that was kind of hard, too, because I would feel like I needed to rush through my workout, and

00:07:34.169 --> 00:07:36.869
Danny Camozzo: I was kind of missing actual moves.

00:07:36.919 --> 00:07:43.119
Danny Camozzo: and then I would come back, and nothing would be happening. So, even though I was trying to avoid

00:07:43.319 --> 00:07:47.259
Danny Camozzo: getting chopped up. I kind of still got chopped up a little bit

00:07:49.039 --> 00:07:52.689
Alexander Winkler: as it's there's no wedding right now. II swear.

00:07:53.799 --> 00:07:55.210
Alexander Winkler: Yeah, it's tough.

00:07:55.610 --> 00:08:02.818
Alexander Winkler: It's a grind. It's a grind. How's how's everyone else doing? who wants to take it.

00:08:05.169 --> 00:08:06.639
Danny Camozzo: I'm doing okay.

00:08:06.659 --> 00:08:14.918
Danny Camozzo:  The first week of October was awful for me. 5 red days in a row.

00:08:15.139 --> 00:08:21.000
Danny Camozzo: Monday through Friday. Last week was okay, I had

00:08:21.189 --> 00:08:32.159
Danny Camozzo: 4 green days. Thursday was a red day, a little bit bigger, definitely bigger than I would have liked.  But so far this week I'm on 2

00:08:32.370 --> 00:08:36.629
Danny Camozzo: really, really very solid green days. and

00:08:38.649 --> 00:08:45.590
Danny Camozzo: it it definitely helps with the confidence. But starting to maybe feel like there's some light.

00:08:46.519 --> 00:08:51.259
Danny Camozzo:  I just know that I need to keep being very careful.

00:08:52.330 --> 00:08:58.830
Danny Camozzo: And just because I've had one or 2 good days in a row doesn't mean that, like the market is safe.

00:08:59.220 --> 00:09:03.330
Danny Camozzo: still hot, especially so

00:09:03.389 --> 00:09:08.859
Danny Camozzo: just trying to keep being careful and trying to keep being really mindful of each of the trades I'm taking.

00:09:10.600 --> 00:09:13.360
Alexander Winkler: Well, nktx just now. Boom.

00:09:14.319 --> 00:09:15.700
Danny Camozzo: yeah, I keep

00:09:16.009 --> 00:09:20.019
Danny Camozzo: seeing that chime on my scanners, and

00:09:20.110 --> 00:09:25.409
Danny Camozzo: because of the float and the price, I kind of just completely discounted it.

00:09:26.590 --> 00:09:36.110
Danny Camozzo: But that's a pop, isn't it? It's a really nice one. I was just thinking like, maybe I should trade it. But I don't know. I was

00:09:36.179 --> 00:09:38.818
Alexander Winkler: 35 million float.

00:09:39.100 --> 00:09:42.900
Danny Camozzo: which on a cheaper stock, maybe, isn't a big deal. But

00:09:44.279 --> 00:09:51.129
Danny Camozzo: 35 million share float in like the 2 to $3 range. That's not really what I tend to do, really? Well, on.

00:09:51.279 --> 00:09:52.250
Alexander Winkler: Hmm.

00:09:53.730 --> 00:10:01.359
Alexander Winkler: yeah, I just like this extended pull back here because we've been seeing a lot of these shakeouts before a quick, maybe 1 min, pop, and then

00:10:01.500 --> 00:10:09.298
Alexander Winkler: and then after that it's not easy to trade. But I feel like this move right here is has been happening a lot.

00:10:13.779 --> 00:10:21.369
Alexander Winkler: How about how about any, Toby? Tom Holby? What what are you guys thinking right now? How's your training going.

00:10:22.579 --> 00:10:24.470
Toby Dawson: I did. Okay. Today, I was

00:10:25.309 --> 00:10:29.150
Toby Dawson: little smaller size, just super super relaxed

00:10:29.640 --> 00:10:39.819
Toby Dawson: traded a little bit on pre-market was up like 1 50 in pre market. and just kind of held that all the way through to the market open.

00:10:39.869 --> 00:10:45.869
Toby Dawson: Didn't trade much during market open. It was just too whippy, so I didn't decide about the trade. It just so I couldn't

00:10:45.940 --> 00:10:48.749
Toby Dawson: get a feel of where anything was going. So

00:10:48.759 --> 00:10:59.039
Toby Dawson: I waited a little bit longer and then started trading. Tst, Tps, T. And I also was trading Sprc. A little bit, you know, about 30 min after the market open.

00:10:59.150 --> 00:11:11.979
Toby Dawson: trying to let letting it slow down a little bit, and was able to find some better trades that way.  my high was I got up to like 3 40 or something, and

00:11:12.180 --> 00:11:20.138
Toby Dawson: gave back about 100, and then my last trade I made back like 130, so I was up like 353, 60 on the day.

00:11:21.119 --> 00:11:22.299
Alexander Winkler: That's not bad.

00:11:22.450 --> 00:11:28.359
Toby Dawson: Yeah, it was easy chill. No, no stress. So I'll tell you.

00:11:30.000 --> 00:11:31.829
Tommy Salerno: Yeah, for me.

00:11:31.940 --> 00:11:37.878
Tommy Salerno: tough tough market for sure to day. Man, like even the past couple weeks, has just been

00:11:37.950 --> 00:11:51.078
Tommy Salerno: like the backs. Once the stock enter enters the back side, it's just like it can get brutal yesterday on Mnts. We had that nice run up. It was like almost like 200%

00:11:51.099 --> 00:12:07.999
Tommy Salerno: and then gave back all of its gains on the day to curl back up by the end of the day and squeeze out. But yeah, yesterday. Got caught in that halt down for 50 cent loss. I'm still somewhat small share size. I haven't been really pushing it too heavy.

00:12:08.819 --> 00:12:20.250
Tommy Salerno: but yeah, the the backside is, has been pretty brutal, and it's just like this, very short lived pops like, if you can, it's really hard to time. When the shorts are stuck.

00:12:20.369 --> 00:12:22.778
Tommy Salerno: Because, you know, it'll it'll hit the

00:12:22.940 --> 00:12:33.539
Tommy Salerno: the resistance like 3 or 4 times within the same candle before it finally pops through. Sometimes we'll retrace the entire move back to the lows to curl up again. And it's just like.

00:12:33.640 --> 00:12:37.930
Tommy Salerno: It's just really hard to to get that timing. And then if you take too many

00:12:38.089 --> 00:12:43.598
Tommy Salerno: small paper cuts. By the time you do get the move you're still kind of red on it. Make all the bat

00:12:43.859 --> 00:12:55.929
Tommy Salerno: and then, fourthly, after it squeezes out, it reverses and comes all the way back down but yeah, definitely overall on this month small green. Still kinda just

00:12:56.869 --> 00:13:22.709
Tommy Salerno: just kind of chugging away on like smaller share size. Yesterday I tried to push a little bit, but got stuck in a halt like I said. And then today I made a decent chunk back, mostly because I got that lucky breakout that broke out 50 cents on T. Pst, usually breakouts. Aren't that explosive? But I think I lucked out with catching that that breakout that squeezed all the way up to about 9 bucks

00:13:22.849 --> 00:13:25.638
Tommy Salerno: so that that kind of been my day today.

00:13:25.900 --> 00:13:31.378
Alexander Winkler: How come you? Did you get the breakout when it was

00:13:31.450 --> 00:13:51.420
Tommy Salerno: when it already broken? Had that 1 min pull back, or did you go for that initial kind of oh, no. Sorry I got up to. Yeah. Sorry. 7, 40 up to 7 98, not to 9. I didn't catch the continuation. I was like, I got my green trade. I'm done. Wow, nice. Okay, yeah, that was a classic breakout trade. Nice work. Yeah.

00:13:51.829 --> 00:13:57.408
Tommy Salerno: And you can kind of see on the larger time frame just from after hours. And premarket

00:13:57.420 --> 00:14:10.990
Tommy Salerno: on that chart pattern that 7 50 was definitely likely to break, especially after you got that test at a 9 55 and then it pulled back, and then it held that low.

00:14:11.200 --> 00:14:30.979
Tommy Salerno: You see how it whipped back down at at 9 55. Today it held below. If it was weak it would have sold off and went right back down all the way to to where it came from, back down, wherever what price was that? Down at like 3 or $4? But since it held that low and kind of bounce pretty strongly

00:14:31.170 --> 00:14:38.658
Tommy Salerno: at 9 55 this morning. And kind of held that range definitely likely to see that break is 7 50 for sure.

00:14:38.890 --> 00:14:44.210
Alexander Winkler: Yeah, like that. And at this point we're making higher lows. And it turns into a bit of a flat top breakout.

00:14:44.609 --> 00:14:50.700
Tommy Salerno: Yeah, what I was saying was that fan? You see that fan candle at like 9 53?

00:14:50.710 --> 00:15:07.719
Tommy Salerno: Yeah. So we did try to break the 7 50. Is that yeah, 7 50 area. So, but we kind of topped out again. Everybody held a low after that flush back down. That's definitely a signal that there's a more interest in the stock than we than you would think.

00:15:09.009 --> 00:15:21.449
Alexander Winkler: Yeah. Well, that was a solid for sure. That's that's kind of what I was telling Danny before. It feels like, you really have to be patient in this environment. And then you gotta once you see that move, you really gotta get aggressive.

00:15:21.549 --> 00:15:27.138
Alexander Winkler: ideally, use decent size and then kind of walk away or prepare to wait for another 30 min.

00:15:27.250 --> 00:15:28.059
Danny Camozzo: Yeah.

00:15:28.480 --> 00:15:43.940
Tommy Salerno: But yeah, look, it took 30 min in that range just to break out. That's like what I was saying before is like timing. That breakout is so tough because you could be watching that range for 30 min before ever breaks out. And you can be taking paper cut after paper cut

00:15:44.180 --> 00:15:48.509
Danny Camozzo:  yeah, you have to be really careful with that

00:15:48.599 --> 00:15:49.730
Danny Camozzo: lately.

00:15:50.210 --> 00:15:55.279
Danny Camozzo: that's something, I've, I've noticed, too, and really been trying to focus on and try to trade less.

00:15:55.390 --> 00:16:03.509
Alexander Winkler: So that, like you just said, the by the time that break finally comes around. You're not like too red to even go green.

00:16:04.980 --> 00:16:31.460
Alexander Winkler: Yeah, just maybe a little bit of red sea of that extra rambo inside of you. But

00:16:31.839 --> 00:16:36.509
Alexander Winkler: so that's not that dip on Tps, too.

00:16:37.299 --> 00:16:38.740
Danny Camozzo: I did, too, but

00:16:38.819 --> 00:16:44.709
Danny Camozzo: I took a small loss, buying the dip, and then I made a really small gain, buying the dip so

00:16:46.309 --> 00:16:50.459
Toby Dawson: alright like 10 cents out of it, or something

00:16:50.789 --> 00:16:51.789
Danny Camozzo: nice.

00:16:53.480 --> 00:17:01.479
Alexander Winkler: This, oh, man, yeah, II like the bounces it always makes, but these are the exact moves where I've been getting into Max lost territory because it

00:17:01.940 --> 00:17:11.408
Toby Dawson: right now it's actually bouncing. And typically, I'll go for these trades, and they'll just go like this, and then this and then

00:17:11.549 --> 00:17:13.730
Toby Dawson: free fall. Yeah.

00:17:14.470 --> 00:17:17.459
Alexander Winkler: But hey, these are these are actually working pretty nicely.

00:17:18.480 --> 00:17:31.848
Tommy Salerno: Biggest losses are trying to fish for that bottom, and then it ends up, halting down, and then I'm just like stuck, and then opens up like 50 cents a dollar share lower. That's my biggest losses ever.

00:17:32.240 --> 00:17:37.440
Tommy Salerno: So I definitely get a little paranoid on those dips. Yeah, I'm a bit paranoid myself at the moment.

00:17:37.680 --> 00:17:51.618
Alexander Winkler: What about you, Colby? How how's been I was trading. What are the large caps up to? What's the spy doing? Gives the gives us? Honestly let me start it off with, you know, like cheers to you guys for fucking, creating that shit. Oh, my God.

00:17:51.900 --> 00:17:59.319
Alexander Winkler: yeah, we crazy dude. I'm every time. I in this every time. I jump in this podcast and you guys are going over your trades. I'm just like.

00:17:59.410 --> 00:18:10.048
Colby Warshel: Wow, the difference in markets is astonishing cause, that stuff is just so it's so crazy different than what I have to do. It's so. It's so fascinating. Honestly.

00:18:10.819 --> 00:18:15.818
Colby Warshel: like, you guys are just kind of trying to find that like. there's really like a 5 min window.

00:18:15.879 --> 00:18:25.970
Colby Warshel: I mean, it's the same thing with large caps kind of like you always have that little window of time where things are really clean, but like that's just crazy. That's scary

00:18:26.089 --> 00:18:40.230
Colby Warshel: for me. I've been fine, I mean, I'm trying not to change anything in my process and just work every day to try to make my system a little bit better. And this is like my phase of like, no more pivoting. I'm not gonna do that ever again. I'm gonna make what I have work.

00:18:40.240 --> 00:18:47.609
Colby Warshel: And I'm trying to do that a lot. But I'm still like slightly red in October. But like $100, which is like one trade.

00:18:49.039 --> 00:18:56.390
Colby Warshel: I don't know. My main thing right now is I'm trying not to just make any like really big mistakes like I was telling Danny this the other day. But

00:18:57.119 --> 00:19:09.519
Colby Warshel: yeah, like, I don't wanna make any like, it's okay to make mistakes. But I don't wanna make big mistakes cause a big mistake right now means a red month like you just have one big mistake. You can have a whole red month just from one of them, you know, before you get bailed out

00:19:09.529 --> 00:19:18.288
Colby Warshel: by, you know, 3 or 4 decent little trades make up one mistake, but now it takes like a week, 2 weeks, 3 weeks to get over one Max loss, red Day. So

00:19:18.410 --> 00:19:23.210
Danny Camozzo: Yup, I have found that out, and I'm working my way out of that

00:19:23.349 --> 00:19:31.108
Alexander Winkler: I concur as well. I'm still working my way from my double Max loss

00:19:31.910 --> 00:19:36.269
Colby Warshel: 2 Fridays ago, and I'm still like $200 below that.

00:19:36.400 --> 00:19:42.440
Colby Warshel: So yeah. I just don't wanna have one more big mistake. And then it's like Boom. Well, now, I gotta go

00:19:42.519 --> 00:19:47.009
Colby Warshel: spend 2 months of trading to try to get that back. But

00:19:47.730 --> 00:19:53.460
Colby Warshel: yeah, everything's been good. Actually, I mean, I'm really starting to like my system that I'm forming. And

00:19:54.379 --> 00:20:15.309
Colby Warshel: I could tell that every day. I'm getting a little bit better at reading it, and it's kinda fun, because, like the whole system is still somewhat discretionary, like I can understand the trend. That's what the system tells me, but I have to know the strength of it so like, if my system is very strong, let's say I'll look for a more aggressive target, more aggressive entries, and whenever it's weak I'll just look for like cheap scalps

00:20:15.309 --> 00:20:27.730
Colby Warshel: and try to do it that way. So it's kind of fun, because there still is like a discretionary aspect. It's not like I'm just, you know, 3 buttons turn green, and I'm like long, full size, you know, like I still have to like, think about it and really be cautious. And

00:20:28.029 --> 00:20:31.808
Colby Warshel: but like today, I went long on the on the Es. And I made like

00:20:33.029 --> 00:20:35.809
Colby Warshel: $400 on this one trade, and

00:20:36.180 --> 00:20:46.709
Colby Warshel: I'm I have such a hab. I don't know if you guys do this. But I don't. You guys don't really trade reversals that much, but every single time I trade I'm always getting the bulk of my profits at the very like

00:20:47.049 --> 00:21:00.829
Colby Warshel: first 5 min of a huge V-shape reversal, so like the V-shape happens, and I get my profits in like that very bottom, and then I just watch the whole thing go up without me. And I literally made 5 points on this move today. And it went 50.

00:21:01.539 --> 00:21:06.140
Colby Warshel: So I made only 10% of the entire massive move that went.

00:21:06.470 --> 00:21:09.680
Danny Camozzo: Oh, man, it was so painful cause I had. I think it's

00:21:10.379 --> 00:21:13.568
Danny Camozzo: oh, no. Sorry. Go ahead. No, yeah, that's fine. Yeah.

00:21:13.980 --> 00:21:24.799
Danny Camozzo: I was just gonna say, I think it's usually like reasonable to think if if I see a big move happen, I feel like I traded it. Well, if I got like a third of the move.

00:21:24.930 --> 00:21:26.059
Colby Warshel: yeah.

00:21:26.680 --> 00:21:34.169
Danny Camozzo: why do you think you were selling too early just because of like the market just feeling like you need to take profits, or do you? Do? You just sell

00:21:34.220 --> 00:21:36.759
Danny Camozzo: fully and not hold some?

00:21:37.910 --> 00:21:42.329
Colby Warshel: Well, II think I like 3 reasons. Reason number one.

00:21:42.390 --> 00:21:47.759
Colby Warshel: I was expecting it to to reverse long all day. Let me share my screen

00:21:51.420 --> 00:22:00.900
Danny Camozzo: sometimes, and I think that this was an issue that I used to have more where I would take, like all of my profit off, and

00:22:01.069 --> 00:22:06.170
Danny Camozzo: what I found was taking bigger share. Size

00:22:06.210 --> 00:22:18.999
Danny Camozzo: made me more comfortable with taking, like the normal amount off that I would have where I felt like I should take profit, and then kind of let the rest do what it look looks like it wants to do.

00:22:19.609 --> 00:22:23.088
Danny Camozzo: But I wouldn't recommend that if if if you're like having

00:22:23.220 --> 00:22:26.660
Danny Camozzo: a lot of struggles getting profit in the first place.

00:22:27.269 --> 00:22:39.480
Colby Warshel: Yeah, I mean, that's kinda I wish I was trading shares so I could do something like that. But since it's contracts, I'm kind of stuck cause. My Mac, size is like 2 es contracts, which is $100.

00:22:39.640 --> 00:22:42.069
Colby Warshel: Yeah, it's $100 per point. So like.

00:22:42.140 --> 00:23:10.798
Colby Warshel: I mean, if I go to 4 Es contracts. That's $200 per point. I mean, I could lose $1,000 in a second doing that. So usually, I'm only looking for one es contract total on every trade but you could see these trades here. So your question was, why did I sell this so early? So this is this tiny little trade so got in here once added here, sold both of them right there for like 4 points. But that was like $400 trade that tiny little piece. But in the morning I went long.

00:23:10.829 --> 00:23:12.599
Colby Warshel: I immediately made like

00:23:14.420 --> 00:23:18.618
Colby Warshel: like a hundred $25, and then lost. It

00:23:19.059 --> 00:23:37.329
Colby Warshel: went negative. 1 50 made back 100 went red again for negative 100. So I already was like fighting the market, thinking that we were gonna go long, but I was just too early on the on the trade, and then I finally got this bottom, which is obviously this is the V right here that I'm talking about like.

00:23:37.349 --> 00:23:47.500
Colby Warshel: and I'm I made all my money in literally the very like tiny minuscule part where the V actually started to go the other direction, and then look how far this went without me.

00:23:47.900 --> 00:23:48.650
Toby Dawson: Hmm!

00:23:49.200 --> 00:23:51.638
Colby Warshel: Like that's crazy I sold right here.

00:23:52.430 --> 00:23:59.729
Alexander Winkler: If I would've held this for 2 more minutes I would have made $1,000 in that one trade. Yeah, there's no indication for it to return.

00:23:59.779 --> 00:24:16.499
Colby Warshel: yeah. And then you can't really trade this continuation. Because, look at this shit, what are you gonna do go long right here. Yeah, like, I'm I don't trade that shit. I'm like my number one thing, I hate trading more than anything is trading continuation after extension. I hate that shit.

00:24:16.519 --> 00:24:25.858
Danny Camozzo: You got the good move, and from there it usually starts to get a little choppy, I mean, yeah, you had an awesome entry and you sold into resistance. So

00:24:25.900 --> 00:24:27.490
Danny Camozzo: it makes sense

00:24:27.990 --> 00:24:31.148
Colby Warshel: like there's 2 things I could have done so.

00:24:31.589 --> 00:24:57.029
Colby Warshel: First of all, don't, if I'm going long this early, and it's like before 100'clock. The market never reverses before 100'clock, so if I'm looking for reversal, and I get 2 points or 3 points, and it's before 100'clock, and I can just book a hundred dollar. Win quickly. Just try to stack those up so I can build a cushion. So if the actual reversal does happen, I have like a 3 to $400 profit, and I can risk that, and actually try to get like a huge green day.

00:24:57.029 --> 00:25:02.328
Colby Warshel: But I shouldn't have been going long after this first, the second long that I lost

00:25:02.430 --> 00:25:25.939
Colby Warshel: 2 in a row. 2 losses I should have just sat back and been like, Okay, what's the most likely draw on liquidity? Well, we're probably gonna break this low of day. So right when we broke this low of day, I got long again, stopped out at the bottom, and then re-entered immediately. So I'm just one over trading 2. I was read $150, and I was in this trade with 2 contracts, so if this would have broken the low of day, I would have been at my Max loss, so that scared me as well.

00:25:26.049 --> 00:25:46.318
Colby Warshel: And then, once we came back up and I was profitable on the day I was like. Fuck it. Let me just take my money because I don't want to be. This is still a downtrend until we break the high of day. Once we break the high of day, then you can for sure 100 say, Okay, this has reversed, but this is still lower, high, lower, low, or high, and then now we get the higher low. So I think

00:25:46.599 --> 00:26:06.269
Colby Warshel: maybe the only thing I could have done is trade less in the morning. Look for smaller scalps, and have my stop at break. Even. Don't really take losses this early in the morning, like, if your entry is bad. Just get out immediately, and then, once the actual V is forming, I need to sell one at a passive a passive target, and then one at an aggressive target.

00:26:06.269 --> 00:26:18.519
Colby Warshel: So I like to look at targets that way recently, where I'm saying, like, okay, you could say, this level right? Here is a possible. This was a lower high right here. So once we break this zone

00:26:18.829 --> 00:26:24.609
Colby Warshel: at 43 74, that's whenever we're technically making like a change of character.

00:26:25.670 --> 00:26:41.888
Colby Warshel: Sorry. That's whenever we're making a change of character. And that's whenever that'd be like a passive target that that target right there. But then an aggressive target would be a break up the high of day, because that's like a full on change of character structure. Change the whole. Now with the V shape is formed, and we're going long. So

00:26:43.400 --> 00:26:44.779
Colby Warshel: yeah, I don't know.

00:26:46.119 --> 00:26:54.240
Colby Warshel: I mean, main thing is just, don't trade your P. And L. That's the easy answer. But which is my, what I did mostly. So yeah.

00:26:57.560 --> 00:27:01.028
Tommy Salerno: super common. Don't beat yourself up. I do the same stuff.

00:27:01.689 --> 00:27:07.819
Tommy Salerno: I do the same stuff. It's a different mindset, though, when you do have like Daniel saying, when you do have more share size

00:27:08.160 --> 00:27:09.370
Tommy Salerno: because

00:27:09.549 --> 00:27:15.459
Tommy Salerno: or more contracts because you can, you know you can take half off, and then you mentally, you can be like.

00:27:15.910 --> 00:27:22.988
Tommy Salerno: well, you know, I have already an insurance policy. I have a cushion on this trade already on this specific trade. I already have a cushion on it.

00:27:23.009 --> 00:27:25.718
Tommy Salerno: you know, if II would be comfortable taking

00:27:25.999 --> 00:27:36.299
Tommy Salerno: 50% of the pro off the top of that trade if it doesn't work out. But you know, then you have the. You can capitalize on that upside if it decides to go farther.

00:27:36.890 --> 00:27:40.538
Tommy Salerno: But it's a completely different mindset when you can take some off for profit.

00:27:41.410 --> 00:27:48.788
Colby Warshel: Yeah, I shouldn't have been that. I mean, yeah, if I was green already. That would have been a much different trade, I think.

00:27:49.020 --> 00:27:55.138
Colby Warshel: but that's not. That's not trading supposed to be. You're not supposed to sit here and be like. Oh, I'm down this much. Let me.

00:27:55.999 --> 00:28:03.149
Colby Warshel: I don't know. It's so hard, though, cause like sometimes you do have to do that when the market's hard, you know, you shouldn't really try to push

00:28:03.270 --> 00:28:06.238
Colby Warshel: so much and be like, oh, let me get an outsized green day.

00:28:07.299 --> 00:28:08.609
Colby Warshel: you know, I don't know.

00:28:09.120 --> 00:28:20.350
Alexander Winkler: Yeah, definitely definitely sizing in those those moves helps helps me a lot and take quick profits off the table. And you'll actually notice, I think a lot of people do that because it'll be like a quick bounce.

00:28:20.529 --> 00:28:26.859
Alexander Winkler: and then it'll go down and struggle for a while, because everyone's taking some of their profits. And then it usually continues.

00:28:27.450 --> 00:28:45.279
Alexander Winkler: and that's probably where you get a bit faked out, not not to mention, because the the spy or the es is just, it's gonna be a lot more shaky, I mean, even for the small caps. It'll go back a few times and then maybe continue. But for you it might last 2, 3 min. Even.

00:28:45.649 --> 00:28:48.149
Colby Warshel: Yeah, like 1020, sometimes. Yeah.

00:28:48.240 --> 00:28:52.729
Colby Warshel: So taking some off the table, probably feel really good. Yeah.

00:28:53.979 --> 00:29:07.450
Alexander Winkler: yeah, size can size can make trading a lot easier. It obviously makes it a little bit more emotional or definitely a lot more emotional, depending how much you size. But, man, once you can start using size to your advantage. It does make a big difference for sure.

00:29:07.759 --> 00:29:08.580
Colby Warshel: Yeah.

00:29:09.069 --> 00:29:23.799
Colby Warshel: yeah, I wanna work up to being able to add into the trade as I'm winning. But the market just doesn't give us those moves anymore that I can just keep adding and adding and adding and selling it some super aggressive target, adding into winners right now, that's

00:29:23.930 --> 00:29:25.709
Alexander Winkler: not something I can do either.

00:29:27.129 --> 00:29:27.970
Colby Warshel: Yeah.

00:29:29.879 --> 00:29:35.609
Alexander Winkler: are you? What are your thoughts on the spy overall? Because it's been on a nice little rally. Huh?

00:29:36.549 --> 00:29:55.488
Colby Warshel: I mean to be honest my same. Always shut up by the spy. I just don't. I don't wanna ever even sit and think for a minute that I'm gonna have a better economic outlook than Jp. Morgan's 50 million dollar budget they have on analyst every year, and every single one of those analysts are wrong, you know. It's like.

00:29:55.720 --> 00:30:05.749
Colby Warshel: how much money can these banks truly spend on prediction models and still be wrong like, I'm not gonna be right. The only thing that I do like about news is

00:30:06.149 --> 00:30:21.209
Colby Warshel: marking extremes from news catalysts. So like the low of the year of last year in October. You you just kind of went over it. But it was October of last year was the low of the spy that day. You can see how we gapped down.

00:30:21.680 --> 00:30:24.249
Colby Warshel:  yeah, right there

00:30:24.910 --> 00:30:31.609
Colby Warshel: you can see how we gapped down, and then we rallied like some crazy amount, like a hundred or 200 points off that low.

00:30:31.830 --> 00:30:46.370
Colby Warshel: Yeah, that's 200 es point. So 18 spy points. So that's insane. That's a 5 one day increase from low of day to hive day, and you know what day that was. That was the day that Cpi was the worst number ever.

00:30:46.560 --> 00:30:57.830
Colby Warshel: It was the the. It was the biggest jump month over month that we've had so far in the entire cycle of this recessionary environment, whatever. And whenever you see a really bad catalyst

00:30:58.029 --> 00:31:03.499
Colby Warshel: caused the immediate opposite reaction. That is a huge turning point in a stock

00:31:03.529 --> 00:31:28.778
Colby Warshel: like that's whenever everyone's caught off sides. Right? Everyone's position in the wrong way, and they has to flip, and then the whole market goes in the opposite direction. And that happened on that Cpi day back in October. And then most recently, I think it was maybe 2 or 3 weeks ago. We've had non. Farm payroll was way higher than expected, and we made a massive bottom on there as well, and it was like a hundred 20 point move from low of day to high of day. So

00:31:29.020 --> 00:31:45.999
Colby Warshel: when I see stuff like that, that's whenever I'm like, okay, you kind of have to know, like a little bit about economics in the environment. Because if you saw the Nfp non farm payroll be really higher than expected, and you were shorting that day, and it rallied 100 points on you. That's that's not good. That is not a good thing or a place to be. So.

00:31:46.290 --> 00:32:01.629
Colby Warshel: That kind of stuff is really important. But in general, when I see most normal headlines like today, we had retail sales and just bullshit like that. I don't fucking care. I don't care what's going on unless some massive insane move happens. Then I'll get interested. But

00:32:03.089 --> 00:32:05.428
Colby Warshel: I mean, I think it's most likely

00:32:06.080 --> 00:32:13.348
Colby Warshel: this is my dumb opinion, but this most likely, that we probably are just going to be in a ranging market for a very long time.

00:32:13.490 --> 00:32:22.758
Colby Warshel: because. like, I don't know if you guys have seen that video of the guy going to Costco and doing the price comparison from last year to this year.

00:32:23.020 --> 00:32:29.098
Colby Warshel: and every single thing was like up 100. Every grocery item, like every

00:32:29.479 --> 00:32:41.049
Colby Warshel: like inflation, is a hundred percent like it's pretty much 100% year over year. And we're we're saying it's like 6. That's that's fucking dumb that that doesn't make any sense. First, I was thinking about that just yesterday, too.

00:32:42.009 --> 00:32:53.198
Colby Warshel: Dude, like the fed, omits like the extremes they don't even include like groceries on their number, like if groceries are too high on a month over month basis. They admit it because they're like, Oh.

00:32:53.319 --> 00:33:03.839
Colby Warshel: it's only just happening this month. So we can't put that in the average. It's gonna make the average so much higher. Whenever you want to see, like the actual number, right? They probably get to choose like

00:33:03.959 --> 00:33:06.399
Danny Camozzo: average versus actual median.

00:33:08.379 --> 00:33:22.649
Danny Camozzo: I was thinking about this yesterday. I was thinking about how much I paid for my first car, and like when I was a kid, when my dad would buy like a cool car, and it was like a sport car, and it was like $30,000 which buys you like

00:33:22.859 --> 00:33:30.919
Danny Camozzo: a mid grade, Mazda, these days. And it's just crazy. Every like everything has just like, completely doubled.

00:33:30.970 --> 00:33:38.158
Colby Warshel: Yeah, yeah. there's just no way we get out of this unscathed. There's no fucking way. It's impossible. There's just no

00:33:38.359 --> 00:33:49.178
Colby Warshel: reality where we're breaking out of all time highs on the spy, and just like going into a new bull market like, why the hell would this ever cause a bull market? I don't know, but I mean I'm an idiot, but

00:33:49.339 --> 00:33:58.939
Danny Camozzo: I was just thinking like that is exactly when the illogical moves happen

00:34:00.060 --> 00:34:05.808
Danny Camozzo: like if we come up and test highs on whatever stock. And

00:34:05.839 --> 00:34:20.028
Danny Camozzo: I've I've been wrong on a couple things this week where I'm like it should double top against this point. If it doesn't, it's probably gonna reject. So I'm not gonna take it, and it blasts through holds and then goes way higher, and I'm like, Well.

00:34:20.109 --> 00:34:21.958
Danny Camozzo: I guess I was wrong about that.

00:34:22.079 --> 00:34:24.359
Danny Camozzo: But

00:34:24.789 --> 00:34:38.189
Danny Camozzo: We'll see. I like that. The market is creeping up, and Iwm is as well. Iwm has been having a nice rally bounce the last week or 2 as well, which is probably why small caps have been doing a little bit better

00:34:38.609 --> 00:34:51.439
Danny Camozzo: since then, too. But yeah, I don't know. I don't. I don't know. I don't really have a bias or conviction on whether I think the market's going higher or lower.

00:34:51.569 --> 00:34:59.989
Danny Camozzo:  it's going to be interesting either way. I'd like it to hold around where it has been like 4 30

00:35:00.369 --> 00:35:02.149
Danny Camozzo: spy, I mean.

00:35:02.180 --> 00:35:03.220
Danny Camozzo: yeah.

00:35:03.890 --> 00:35:09.979
Danny Camozzo: especially going into elections next year. I feel like if the market is kind of holding up.

00:35:10.369 --> 00:35:23.149
Colby Warshel: it could be interesting. I mean, there's just no way we get a recession the year before an election. Yeah, it just doesn't make any sense. How could that even that never happens. And if they have that much control.

00:35:23.340 --> 00:35:26.090
Danny Camozzo: yeah, it looks real bad for incumbents.

00:35:26.239 --> 00:35:28.399
Colby Warshel: Yeah, why would you ever do that? So

00:35:28.590 --> 00:35:45.039
Colby Warshel: I think it's totally likely we break the high and use it as a sell off, or just something like that. I mean, I don't know. I just don't see how we don't, how we get out of this. And it's like all good and fine, and our debts just like increasing by trillion dollars every 2 s. And it's like, you know, we're all great and

00:35:45.220 --> 00:35:51.088
Colby Warshel: everything's good. I just don't see how that's in reality, Dad is fine. We'll pay it eventually.

00:35:51.350 --> 00:35:53.220
Alexander Winkler: Yeah.

00:35:53.310 --> 00:36:12.579
Colby Warshel: All the people that are used about debt, and like the nineties and 2,000 they're like, Damn! I wish our debt was that low today, and it's like back then they were like, Oh, the Devs, 50% of the Gdp. And now it's like 100 200% of our Gdp or whatever. And I think we're just getting worse until it's like 500% of our Gdp 1,000% for Gdp. It's just like.

00:36:12.890 --> 00:36:13.760
Colby Warshel: you know.

00:36:14.600 --> 00:36:21.079
Colby Warshel: as long as we have the guns. And it's like America can be in debt. Infinite money. We don't fucking care.

00:36:21.140 --> 00:36:22.579
Danny Camozzo: Yeah, basically.

00:36:22.930 --> 00:36:24.719
Alexander Winkler: that's what it feels like. Yeah.

00:36:25.750 --> 00:36:29.628
Colby Warshel: I don't know if we get like a Gfc. That sounds naive for me to even say that

00:36:29.710 --> 00:36:49.939
Colby Warshel: that won't happen. Of course I have no fucking clue if that would happen, but it seems like the people who are highly have have the most wealth are gonna be able to position themselves basically to just lose nothing like that's what they're trying to do. They're trying to just stay afloat. They're not trying to like make super crazy, speculative bets. They're just trying to s just chill.

00:36:49.939 --> 00:37:03.849
Colby Warshel: And if the market ranged for 3 or 4 years, that'd be great for them. They'll just buy up every actual tangible asset in the world, and then the stock market will stay flat, and they'll take all their money out of the market and put it into some fucking single family homes like Blackrock does. So

00:37:05.949 --> 00:37:24.060
Alexander Winkler: I don't know. That's that's kind of how I feel, though, in terms of you know, if the if the market does break 480, let's say, as a spy I like, I don't know if I'm gonna be super bullish on a continuation, because it kind of seems like the fundamentals maybe aren't backing it up as much

00:37:24.510 --> 00:37:28.789
Alexander Winkler: I don't know, I think, going into more safe assets

00:37:29.170 --> 00:37:31.389
Alexander Winkler: would probably be more interesting. But

00:37:31.680 --> 00:37:41.199
Alexander Winkler: yeah, it's it's tough. It's so hard predict for predicting the macro stuff. But it's something that is a little bit more calm in the markets will definitely help the small caps.

00:37:41.350 --> 00:37:47.269
Alexander Winkler: and that's kind of what I'm waiting for, but just this year doesn't seem to seem to come. But

00:37:49.189 --> 00:37:54.748
Colby Warshel: yeah, I think right now, the best investment is in yourself, you know, like learning new things.

00:37:55.029 --> 00:37:59.998
Colby Warshel: educating yourself on different things or stuff like that. I don't know why.

00:38:00.039 --> 00:38:19.149
Colby Warshel: unless you have, you know I'm broke. I don't know about you guys, but I don't have a couple of 1 million dollars just sitting in this sitting in my ass that I can fucking put into a Barclays 5% account. You know, I have like 15 grand that I can deploy on something, and I'm not gonna put it in the fucking spy. I'm not gonna get 5% because I don't give a shit about making 5%. I'd rather put it into something that

00:38:19.430 --> 00:38:20.369
Colby Warshel: you know.

00:38:20.630 --> 00:38:24.489
Colby Warshel: some kind of business or anything that will make me, you know.

00:38:24.739 --> 00:38:27.380
Colby Warshel: more versatile in our economy. But

00:38:28.430 --> 00:38:45.720
Alexander Winkler: well, last time I checked Playboy's either going to go to 0, or it's gonna bounce a hundred. Still, I think that it's.

00:38:46.529 --> 00:38:48.289
Danny Camozzo: And now I'm long

00:38:48.609 --> 00:38:51.390
Tommy Salerno: sponsored by Playboy.

00:38:51.619 --> 00:38:58.969
Alexander Winkler: Yeah, pop up the stock price.

00:39:01.989 --> 00:39:04.880
Danny Camozzo: Yeah. Do not buy playboy that's

00:39:05.550 --> 00:39:09.418
Tommy Salerno: Do you guys think that inflation will

00:39:09.970 --> 00:39:14.918
Tommy Salerno: will increase volatility in small cash because there's just more more dollars as

00:39:15.520 --> 00:39:19.119
Tommy Salerno: coming into the into the market to pump up these stocks.

00:39:20.000 --> 00:39:28.149
Danny Camozzo:  I don't know. I don't, I think not necessarily. Because, like people are spending more dollars on like eggs and stuff, too.

00:39:29.630 --> 00:39:42.399
Alexander Winkler: Yeah, I agree. And there's also less liquidity. So the interest rates are higher, so cheap. Cheap capital is not as disposable as it was during Covid.

00:39:42.460 --> 00:39:51.038
Alexander Winkler: I think, actually, this movie that just came out might actually attract some new eyes into small caps and day trading. I am almost more optimistic towards that.

00:39:51.369 --> 00:39:53.609
Alexander Winkler: but might be short-lived. It.

00:39:55.359 --> 00:40:03.960
Colby Warshel: Did you see it, Alex? I did not see it yet. It doesn't come out in Germany until the twenty-eightth, for some reason. So I already marked it in my calendar. Yeah.

00:40:05.199 --> 00:40:12.000
Colby Warshel: I feel like for, like Tom, your question. I feel like people don't really spend money on small caps unless they have like a lot of savings or

00:40:12.010 --> 00:40:14.128
Colby Warshel: something like that, like. I don't know why.

00:40:15.000 --> 00:40:23.619
Colby Warshel: I don't know why any person would try to make a speculative bet if they can't pay for their groceries, you know more like pay their rent.

00:40:23.750 --> 00:40:31.278
Tommy Salerno: but I'm not so sure about that.

00:40:32.699 --> 00:40:35.498
Tommy Salerno: unless any of the big institutions just have

00:40:35.560 --> 00:40:44.880
Tommy Salerno: because of the inflation is just more dial, more. They have more capital because they're they're they own a giant asset. So it just keeps inflating and inflating. So they have more capital

00:40:44.890 --> 00:40:48.270
Tommy Salerno: to put in other things. And are they

00:40:48.460 --> 00:40:51.469
Tommy Salerno: more likely to buy up some of these smaller companies.

00:40:51.750 --> 00:40:55.319
Colby Warshel: and like the word stuff that you award graders.

00:40:56.039 --> 00:40:59.439
Colby Warshel: I feel like the stuff you guys trade needs to have more upside

00:40:59.859 --> 00:41:13.868
Colby Warshel: like I don't know why, somebody with millions of dollars would put money into anything other than like maybe the top 10% of the Russell 2,000 stocks like even then even the spy, I mean. Look at that.

00:41:14.149 --> 00:41:25.300
Colby Warshel: the spy, if you take out the top 7. So Nvidia, Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, Netflix, Tesla. Google, if you take out those 7. The spy is up 4% this year.

00:41:25.810 --> 00:41:29.670
Colby Warshel: and then just those 7 are up, 53%.

00:41:29.859 --> 00:41:31.020
Colby Warshel: And so these

00:41:31.159 --> 00:41:36.529
Colby Warshel: these huge banks, they're buying only the top 7 best companies in the spy.

00:41:36.800 --> 00:41:41.560
Colby Warshel: So why would they ever put money into any Russell companies, you know, unless it's like

00:41:42.149 --> 00:41:56.050
Colby Warshel: someone who's a Vc. And they're trying to do something like that. But the people who are actually moving the markets with billions of dollars, I mean, they're putting all their money right into the top 7. The ones that are like have the button on your remote like I was talking about last week, so

00:41:56.329 --> 00:41:57.300
Colby Warshel: you know.

00:41:57.800 --> 00:41:59.798
Tommy Salerno: I don't know. I think you're right about that.

00:42:00.159 --> 00:42:01.010
Colby Warshel: Yeah.

00:42:01.220 --> 00:42:21.809
Alexander Winkler: yeah, if you're if you don't have a lot of money to spend like small cap might be interesting, because it's like, Oh, maybe I'll turn my $500 into $5,000. But I think the second you actually have a decent amount of money, let's say north of 5 million. Your your goal in life is not necessarily to make it from 5 to 10 million. Your goal is not to lose the 5 million.

00:42:21.810 --> 00:42:37.270
Alexander Winkler: So you're not gonna really be putting that into speculative stocks. It's just isn't is not worth it for you. Maybe you'll do it with, like, a very small percentage of your portfolio like 10 or 20. Yeah, Max, even, that's probably way too much. Yeah.

00:42:37.720 --> 00:42:53.810
Danny Camozzo: yeah. Just just for fun. But the rest of it, though, you're probably putting into, you're giving it to a wealth manager who's gonna probably get you 10 to 15 each year, and then you're living on half a million dollars a year doing nothing. Yeah, that's the good life. And then you're reinvesting it. And then the next year is

00:42:54.310 --> 00:42:56.869
Danny Camozzo: 5 50, then 600. Then

00:42:57.579 --> 00:43:01.329
Danny Camozzo: I mean, you're growing quickly. If you have that much.

00:43:01.529 --> 00:43:04.668
Alexander Winkler: Yeah, I think that's that's basically the goal

00:43:05.340 --> 00:43:06.420
Alexander Winkler: for sure.

00:43:06.909 --> 00:43:11.929
Colby Warshel: I think also, options have taken a shit ton of money out of small caps, because

00:43:12.520 --> 00:43:34.310
Colby Warshel: before you wanna trade the spy and you wanna make anything more than a dollar. Well, you gotta use like 50 shares, and that's like $25,000, you know. So it's like, no one has that kind of money to even trade the spy. Well, now, look at the 0 Dt options. There's like a trillion dollars being traded every day in the 0 data expiration options. These guys like you can buy like.

00:43:34.779 --> 00:43:43.969
Colby Warshel: you can buy 10 options contracts that are literally 2. So $2 for 20 bucks. Right? That's way, less of an investment, even in a small cap.

00:43:44.069 --> 00:44:01.899
Colby Warshel: and your upside could be like 1,000 in one day. So I feel like even the the charm of small caps of being like, oh, I can make 2050% 100% multiple 100 a percent in one in a week or more that can happen on a daily basis just by trading spx options. So it's like.

00:44:02.119 --> 00:44:21.418
Colby Warshel: I feel like, that is something that is really transforming the market that we don't really understand yet, because it's kind of only been like the past 5 years that that's become really like tradable by actual people with money, you know, before, it was just like idiots like us, you know. Now, the actual banks are trading that shit, you know, like they're

00:44:21.659 --> 00:44:29.809
Colby Warshel: they're leveraging their shit up like crazy with options. So yeah, I wonder how much that's gonna affect the market over time as well

00:44:29.960 --> 00:44:31.788
Danny Camozzo: who you call in Penhead?

00:44:35.039 --> 00:44:37.259
Colby Warshel: Alright, just me.

00:44:37.439 --> 00:44:38.340
Alexander Winkler: But

00:44:39.720 --> 00:44:46.569
Alexander Winkler: yeah, that's how it looks like I feel like Danny got some trades in on Nktx.

00:44:46.720 --> 00:45:02.389
Danny Camozzo: I did not great I went from like up a hundred 90 to down to 50 to up a hundred 70. It's super choppy like, I said. It's 35 million share. Float.

00:45:02.479 --> 00:45:10.020
Danny Camozzo:  it's just a lot of 2 cents down 2 cents up 2 cents down.

00:45:10.100 --> 00:45:12.679
Danny Camozzo: 3 cents up, 8 cents down.

00:45:12.970 --> 00:45:16.198
6 cents up. It's just really hard to

00:45:16.840 --> 00:45:18.979
Danny Camozzo: trade. It's just not really worth it.

00:45:19.090 --> 00:45:24.519
Alexander Winkler: Yeah, move at 1208 that dip and rip. I think that was really the.

00:45:24.720 --> 00:45:36.659
Alexander Winkler: It felt like I was watching it. I was like this feels like a good move. I didn't trade it, but if that, if that was at like, let's say 9, 50, and I was. I was all geared up, so to say, II probably wouldn't take.

00:45:36.689 --> 00:45:48.510
Danny Camozzo: and then the the next green candle at 1212 that reclaimed the pull back sell off! I would have thought that that would have had a stronger

00:45:48.569 --> 00:45:50.649
Danny Camozzo: squeeze through to the upside.

00:45:50.810 --> 00:45:58.319
Danny Camozzo: which I guess this is probably a good example of the difference between like a 2 million float and a 35 million float.

00:45:58.810 --> 00:46:08.989
Danny Camozzo:  that probably would have squeezed right through where it found resistance there and kind of like grinded higher.

00:46:09.880 --> 00:46:10.760
Alexander Winkler: Yeah.

00:46:13.600 --> 00:46:22.198
Alexander Winkler: still. Looks pretty good right there and then it holds here. I'm trying not to waste orders. I had a 4,500 share position around 3

00:46:22.619 --> 00:46:25.550
Danny Camozzo: back there a little bit, and I was sweating

00:46:25.630 --> 00:46:30.500
Danny Camozzo: just a little bit.  It worked out well enough.

00:46:30.949 --> 00:46:41.998
Danny Camozzo: Kinda think it's probably not. I've traded 57,000 shares of it, and I'm up 168 on it. So that should tell me all I need to know. Yeah, that's it's a grind. Yeah.

00:46:42.210 --> 00:46:43.039
Danny Camozzo: yeah.

00:46:43.310 --> 00:46:45.090
Alexander Winkler: I was.

00:46:45.199 --> 00:46:52.778
Alexander Winkler: Yeah, tickers like, nkt, you know, from like 1130 to 1230, you know, that's like prime time for this ticker, and

00:46:53.069 --> 00:46:54.250
Alexander Winkler: I don't know

00:46:54.560 --> 00:47:03.719
Alexander Winkler: it's it's an unusual time for a lot of traders to be active, but I guess people are just kind of waiting around. They're desperate. So you start seeing stuff. Yeah, that might be the case.

00:47:05.560 --> 00:47:08.350
Alexander Winkler: Very unusual. Hmm.

00:47:09.699 --> 00:47:14.399
Alexander Winkler: I'm also a little bit undecided. I was thinking about

00:47:14.829 --> 00:47:38.060
Alexander Winkler: I don't know if anyone has anything specific to share, but we could probably even move into like game plans going forward. Because it's just, you know to me, I was thinking it's been such a grind out here lately, and there's nothing really new, and I kind of feel like the general right now on the discords and chat rooms and just traders in general is kind of just like surviving and the waiting for consistency. I don't know if you guys are feeling anything different than that

00:47:38.619 --> 00:47:42.350
Danny Camozzo: lot of people are having a hard time right now, up and down, up and down.

00:47:44.449 --> 00:47:59.719
Alexander Winkler: Yeah. Yup. So I guess in terms of my game plans. Yeah, just trying to avoid mistakes. And I don't know. Maybe you guys have some feedback here. But I was thinking about reducing my Max loss because I don't know what it is, but I'm having like

00:47:59.720 --> 00:48:15.300
Alexander Winkler: back to back green days, for I don't know like let's say 5 days in a row, just like solid, you know. Average maybe $400 green days, and then I just come out of nowhere with a Max loss or double Max loss. And this has been happening to me for like 2 months now. So it's just like

00:48:15.380 --> 00:48:25.020
Alexander Winkler: grinding up and then just whack. And I'm never like that. So it's I don't know. Do I reduce my Max loss to keep it a little bit tighter? I'm I'm not sure

00:48:27.439 --> 00:48:33.449
Colby Warshel: right now, like discipline is more than more important than anything. Honestly, just staying

00:48:33.850 --> 00:48:36.158
Colby Warshel: super what I was just thinking, too

00:48:38.739 --> 00:48:45.528
Alexander Winkler: like, give yourself room to at least lose some money. It's like.

00:48:45.720 --> 00:48:51.208
Colby Warshel: absolutely shut the fuck like. Shut the whole thing down like you have to stop no questions asked like

00:48:51.340 --> 00:48:54.939
Colby Warshel: so easy to take one more trade. It's just like, Bam.

00:48:55.060 --> 00:48:57.838
Danny Camozzo: yeah, that's that's exactly what it is. Yeah.

00:48:57.989 --> 00:49:18.618
Alexander Winkler: the one more trade like it's it's always like, I'll get to Max lost within like 2 trades except yesterday, where it would literally grind down the whole time. But usually it's like, I'll go for something. It doesn't work and just boom. Okay, well, that was $100 loser, or like a $1,500 loser. And I'm just like like. And then and then you don't find anything to crawl back out of the hole on

00:49:18.779 --> 00:49:32.639
Alexander Winkler: so if I think if I'm like, if I'm not really trending up, I need to like, keep reducing my size. If I'm if I'm struggling, and then usually I'll do find something really good, and then I size up. But and until then, if I'm trending down, I need to

00:49:33.100 --> 00:49:35.139
Alexander Winkler: probably wrap it up sooner

00:49:35.159 --> 00:49:38.309
Alexander Winkler: and just keep sizing down as I'm trending down. I think

00:49:39.199 --> 00:49:46.039
Colby Warshel: it's like that one billionaire quote where he lost a shit ton of money. And he was like, it happens really slowly at first. Then all at once.

00:49:46.390 --> 00:49:57.619
Danny Camozzo: yeah, like, I have my Max loss like, just, I'm just kinda just right there and then I'm like, one more. You know what I mean. And then I'm down 2 X Max loss

00:49:57.699 --> 00:50:26.130
Alexander Winkler: initially. Big red, they're always like.

00:50:26.430 --> 00:50:32.239
Alexander Winkler: and then I'm bored or like, Hey, you know what? I can make it a, you know, $2,000 green day. And then

00:50:32.300 --> 00:50:36.500
Danny Camozzo: that, like, I start thinking about my P. And L, and getting greedy, I guess.

00:50:37.380 --> 00:51:05.399
Alexander Winkler: Yeah, totally. And that's what makes them hurt extra bad cause. You're just like, Wow, 2 more hours. And I lost $3,000, you know, and like, if I just save 2 h of time and went to the gym, I'd be $3,000 richer and way less stress, and I wouldn't have a broken laptop.

00:51:05.710 --> 00:51:24.750
Alexander Winkler: I haven't, either. I know some people do. That's that's what's supposed to break. Those are like the defensive line before the laptop.

00:51:24.899 --> 00:51:30.210
Colby Warshel: Yeah, if you guys want to find out monitors, they can't really take a punch. Well, yeah.

00:51:30.510 --> 00:51:32.050
Danny Camozzo: that makes sense.

00:51:32.500 --> 00:51:34.340
Colby Warshel: I got a glass chin, brother.

00:51:34.659 --> 00:51:39.100
Alexander Winkler: I wonder what your girlfriend said about that?

00:51:39.689 --> 00:51:53.429
Alexander Winkler: Yeah, she's not very. She doesn't like it when I punch things. Yeah, it's understandable anyone else's thoughts. That's my game plan. I don't know. Reducing my Max last prop potentially for for a bit.

00:51:53.489 --> 00:52:08.649
Danny Camozzo: I'm on. I'm doing decently well in since last week, and this week, so far. So I'm gonna kind of try to continue what I'm doing I think that I have been more conscious of trying to buy

00:52:09.069 --> 00:52:19.750
Danny Camozzo: dips and waiting for the dips to come, rather than especially getting in near highs for the first time. So that's been helpful. I would like to start

00:52:20.029 --> 00:52:26.409
Danny Camozzo: ranking my size back up a little bit. I did pull size back not a lot, but

00:52:26.699 --> 00:52:42.099
Danny Camozzo: definitely went a little bit more conservative the last couple of days. But like. As soon as I see myself starting to stack up games on the day. I'm pretty happy to start jacking size back up quickly.

00:52:42.329 --> 00:52:45.149
Danny Camozzo: So just trying to be careful.

00:52:45.550 --> 00:52:58.390
Danny Camozzo: I started today with 2 red trades that put me down just $90. And I was really good with just being like, All right. That's fine. It's literally nothing. It doesn't matter. Just wait for the open and see what

00:52:58.479 --> 00:53:01.979
Danny Camozzo: maybe wants to move, and we can go from there so

00:53:02.000 --> 00:53:04.720
Danny Camozzo: that worked well. Just trying to kinda

00:53:05.140 --> 00:53:07.250
Danny Camozzo: keep keep that going.

00:53:07.630 --> 00:53:09.029
Danny Camozzo: Keep a good head on.

00:53:10.699 --> 00:53:11.788
Alexander Winkler: I like that.

00:53:12.060 --> 00:53:12.859
That's good

00:53:13.789 --> 00:53:16.988
Tommy Salerno: for me. I've been

00:53:17.460 --> 00:53:21.929
Tommy Salerno: definitely wanting to be a little bit more selective with my setups

00:53:22.060 --> 00:53:26.229
Tommy Salerno: definitely, being more patience and

00:53:26.600 --> 00:53:39.989
Tommy Salerno: wait for that opportune moment where the shorts are stuck. and then just identifying that and just have to take action, because a lot of times it just it'll blow right through the breakout. It will not be any

00:53:40.000 --> 00:53:47.430
Tommy Salerno: like quick pull back, or anything. Any entry will just kind of blow right through, and then it'll just go straight up. And then that's the move.

00:53:47.739 --> 00:53:51.880
Tommy Salerno: Pretty much price actions over, and it just starts going back side. So

00:53:52.380 --> 00:53:58.408
Tommy Salerno: yeah, just being patient for the opportune moment, right? When you know shorts are stuck.

00:53:58.609 --> 00:54:14.670
Tommy Salerno: And then taking your profits on dips, I definitely have been noticing dips. I've kind of been working on as long as it's still on the front side, for sure. Once it's entering that side. It's just absolutely atrocious.

00:54:14.760 --> 00:54:26.658
Tommy Salerno: But also being aware I'm just looking at the level 2 and being aware of the the halt down level. always kind of monitoring if it's getting close to a halt down level, definitely staying off

00:54:26.710 --> 00:54:44.809
Tommy Salerno: the buy button until there's some demand that comes in or some buffer zone, because if you hit, buy, and then it starts to get pinned, you're pretty much not getting out, and if it enters backside, you're you're opening 50 cents lower dollar lower. That blew me on Monday. So I'm just trying to avoid that as well. So

00:54:46.560 --> 00:54:47.380
Alexander Winkler: you know.

00:54:48.170 --> 00:54:58.668
Colby Warshel: For me, I'm trying to just make sure that I'm taking as many like big zoom out kinda like mindset as possible. I try to do that as much as I can, because, like.

00:54:58.819 --> 00:55:21.109
Colby Warshel: I mean, we've all listened to like so many podcasts and listen to so many traders that are super high level, 10 million dollars in earnings, 20 million 30 million whatever, and every single one of them says if you haven't been through like your 3 year lull where the market's boring as shit, and you need to just make like tiny amounts of money and be extremely selective and learn how to manage, risk to like

00:55:21.159 --> 00:55:50.458
Colby Warshel: an extreme level. Then those years that are super good. You won't be prepared, anyway. So it's like, I just wanna make sure that while I'm sitting here just grinding away basically nothing. And it's probably gonna be like this for a while, and it's been like this for a long time that I know that in the at the end of this whole journey of trading. It's gonna be totally fucking worth it. And all these times, and me sitting here and just like making 100, losing a hundred, making 200, losing 0, having 2 weeks of green and then losing it all in a day and doing all this bullshit

00:55:50.680 --> 00:55:57.130
Colby Warshel: eventually, it's gonna be so worth it for that one time where it's like. you know, everything lines up.

00:55:57.189 --> 00:56:13.109
Colby Warshel: everything's working. We're showing up every day. We're none of us are ever even sitting here thinking for a second that like this is the end, you know. yeah, I just wanna make sure I'm still. I stay in that mindset as long as I possibly can, you know. Because that's

00:56:14.029 --> 00:56:20.359
Colby Warshel: yeah. We have to go through these times. If we want to have multi 1 million dollar years. It's just inevitable.

00:56:20.529 --> 00:56:22.369
Danny Camozzo: nice.

00:56:22.670 --> 00:56:29.229
Tommy Salerno: We're all still so young, even if it takes 10 more years like we're still young. After 10 years we can still enjoy all that.

00:56:29.600 --> 00:56:40.929
Tommy Salerno: It's not like we're 60 or 70. It's like, Oh, well, if I wait 10 years I could be dead.

00:56:47.380 --> 00:56:49.278
Tommy Salerno: I'm watching at Ktx.

00:56:49.609 --> 00:56:50.569
Alexander Winkler: Yeah.

00:56:53.439 --> 00:56:57.788
Danny Camozzo: I'm just trying to get a couple more sense out of it and then go to the gym.

00:56:57.810 --> 00:56:59.899
Alexander Winkler: It's doing a good job. Actually.

00:57:00.270 --> 00:57:01.430
Danny Camozzo: yeah, it is

00:57:02.069 --> 00:57:04.179
Alexander Winkler: feel free to take the floor, Toby.

00:57:05.100 --> 00:57:12.939
Toby Dawson: everything you guys said pretty much what I'm thinking so I'd be reiterating a lot of it. I'm really looking for

00:57:13.149 --> 00:57:17.328
Toby Dawson: not necessarily pull backs, but waiting to for the

00:57:17.420 --> 00:57:21.139
Toby Dawson: stock to move back a little bit before I get in. Because I'm not.

00:57:21.250 --> 00:57:36.569
Toby Dawson: I'm not in the mode of chasing anything right now. I don't like getting caught high and getting dumped on right now, and it's it happens too often. So I'm trying to get in low. I've been trying to hold a little bit longer than I would normally get a little bit uncomfortable with the whole time, even if it

00:57:36.739 --> 00:57:38.038
Toby Dawson: comes out as a

00:57:38.050 --> 00:57:48.090
Toby Dawson: a break even trade, and I'm up like 2 or 300 bucks. I wanna try to hold those a little bit longer, cause I feel like II can get into some good spots when I'm getting in early on a pull back or a

00:57:48.359 --> 00:57:50.319
Toby Dawson: see some structure build up

00:57:50.609 --> 00:57:54.750
Toby Dawson: and getting to start working and start building a position.

00:57:55.000 --> 00:57:58.649
Toby Dawson: And I'm trying to see if I can hold through the bigger move.

00:57:58.779 --> 00:58:03.930
Toby Dawson: And if that, you know, if that makes me break even and not take that, you know, if I

00:58:04.199 --> 00:58:12.439
Toby Dawson: don't take that early 100 gain and end up, break even. I think that it'll still pay off in the long run that I'll be able to

00:58:12.770 --> 00:58:21.739
Toby Dawson: hold some of these positions a little bit longer, and, you know, catch catch some of those bigger trades and and parlay that into a lot more money.

00:58:21.859 --> 00:58:23.359
Toby Dawson: I I'm okay with.

00:58:23.600 --> 00:58:39.128
Toby Dawson: you know the break, even sometimes when it's looking sketchy, I'll bail fast, and if there's a reason to sell, I'm giving out, and I'll take the. I'll take the money when I can. But I'm really working on just holding, you know, getting into that 5, even 10 min range where usually I'm in that

00:58:39.670 --> 00:58:41.949
Toby Dawson: 2030 s. Max.

00:58:47.489 --> 00:58:48.340
Alexander Winkler: yeah.

00:58:48.829 --> 00:58:56.359
Alexander Winkler: yeah, I think I also agree with Toby like, I iterate with everything you guys are saying, it makes total sense to me.

00:58:56.520 --> 00:59:12.489
Alexander Winkler: Yeah, dips dips are actually kind of interesting. As long as you're on the front side. So you get a lot of these moves. II pull up the 2 min chart a lot lately, and like we'll you'll go right into like the 9 to like 15 min email. And on the 1 min it looks like it's kind of dead. But

00:59:12.500 --> 00:59:21.948
Alexander Winkler: you could kind of tell on a little when you zoom out just a little bit like, yeah, we're still on a very healthy front side trend, and on the 5 min. We're not even even at the 90 in May yet. So

00:59:22.460 --> 00:59:27.819
Alexander Winkler: yeah, just trying to be a little bit more cautious and not chasing these high things, though, like you guys said.

00:59:28.479 --> 00:59:38.380
Alexander Winkler: and then, yeah, making big difference. So I think we we all have a pretty good game plan. To some extent. The question is the execution. So let's

00:59:39.359 --> 00:59:46.569
Danny Camozzo: I I just executed on Nktx, which puts me at a good point to stop for right now.

00:59:47.289 --> 00:59:59.439
Danny Camozzo: Yeah, 5 min extended. Looks like a solid volume top might have just set in right there. Yeah, super extended on all timeframes. Looks like we might have just seen a solid volume top

00:59:59.529 --> 01:00:03.378
Alexander Winkler: man. Nice work on it, and Ktx continuing to trade it like

01:00:03.659 --> 01:00:11.198
Danny Camozzo: I probably should have came back to. I mean, that was a really nice front side, beautiful floor, actually as much trash as I talked about it.

01:00:11.359 --> 01:00:15.819
Danny Camozzo: It really is holding up on the emas really? Well, and

01:00:15.930 --> 01:00:21.788
Danny Camozzo: it started to feel like every time it dipped it got bought up, and

01:00:22.390 --> 01:00:29.739
Danny Camozzo: that is a big clue for me. You just have to be careful about, especially on the higher floats, like, when

01:00:30.159 --> 01:00:35.328
Danny Camozzo: is that one or 2 bigger people who are buying it up? When are they gonna stop buying it?

01:00:35.850 --> 01:00:44.750
Alexander Winkler: Right? Yeah, that's always the big question. We're over the 180 smay. Now, which? It's quite bullish. That's actually really impressive. But

01:00:44.789 --> 01:00:59.220
Alexander Winkler: yeah, I'm not gonna be trading more today. Good luck to anyone that still is. But you know, I love these. I love these tickers. I grind up like that, because if we get a few of these, this is where I'll have those, you know, 2 K days on these exact kind of moves. Cause then you could just

01:00:59.250 --> 01:01:02.889
Alexander Winkler: get more and more and more aggressive. It's really nice.

01:01:04.690 --> 01:01:11.960
Danny Camozzo: I'm itching to be more aggressive. Yeah, me, too. Even this got the volumes like on average trending up here. This is

01:01:13.280 --> 01:01:20.180
Danny Camozzo: really good. I've gotten like a glimpse of what happens when you take bigger size and hit a nice breakout.

01:01:20.570 --> 01:01:24.110
Danny Camozzo: and I'm just itching for it, just trying to be patient.

01:01:25.010 --> 01:01:47.829
Alexander Winkler: Yeah, I've I've had a few of those in the last couple of weeks where you just email good size on one of those moves. Cause right now, the percent like change on these tickers is really strong. You're getting like 1014% candles sometimes. And if you just nail one of those you're like, it's like an instant, and it's just so nice. The the 1016 candle on t pst, which went from

01:01:48.060 --> 01:01:52.409
Danny Camozzo:  what what did it do? It went from

01:01:52.670 --> 01:02:06.409
Danny Camozzo: opened at 7 27 hit a high of 8. So that's a 10% candle right there. I got about half of it with like 2,600 shares. So it's just instantly a really nice trade.

01:02:06.650 --> 01:02:11.289
Danny Camozzo: just trying to wait for stuff like that. After that move is already pretty amazing. Yeah.

01:02:11.400 --> 01:02:14.199
Danny Camozzo: it was solid. I was happy.

01:02:14.829 --> 01:02:31.270
Alexander Winkler: Thanks, alright. Let's hope. Let's hope we get some more action like that tomorrow. You know, there's definitely a possibility. The question is being patient. And when and then understanding, you're seeing it, you know, understanding. Okay, well, last 30 min was Crap. But this was the move I was waiting for. So let me jump on it. I think that's really important right now.

01:02:31.400 --> 01:02:33.900
Danny Camozzo: and not not letting that opportunity slip.

01:02:35.850 --> 01:02:39.119
Colby Warshel: I have to stay super focused, super disciplined.

01:02:39.170 --> 01:02:42.010
Colby Warshel: No big mistakes. That's everything right?

01:02:42.090 --> 01:02:43.760
Danny Camozzo: Super caffeinated.

01:02:43.960 --> 01:02:49.909
Alexander Winkler: The eyes are just like.

01:02:51.610 --> 01:03:04.260
Danny Camozzo: yeah. I've actually been making my espresso in the morning before the market opens lately to like. Give me something to do while I'm waiting for the open, and I've been doing. Well.

01:03:04.730 --> 01:03:11.570
Danny Camozzo: you want to be like, ready to be jacked up the second. It's 9 30. Yeah.

01:03:11.869 --> 01:03:13.880
Danny Camozzo: no, but that's yeah. I am.

01:03:14.310 --> 01:03:21.729
Danny Camozzo: Maybe that's maybe that's something I'm gonna keep doing the caffeine for. Sure.

01:03:22.510 --> 01:03:25.149
Danny Camozzo: Anyways. Good stuff, guys.

01:03:25.300 --> 01:03:30.649
Tommy Salerno: Alright, everyone.