April 22, 2023 (Saturday - last day in Salvador, Brasil)

I have been struggling lately with my trading and, thanks to Colby, have decided on focusing on building out a playbook of set ups that I like and know I trade well to avoid stab trading the market. Every trader needs a plan. You cannot just take intuition trades in the market and expect to be a CPT over the long term.


Today is saturday, and I spent the morning reading over my old trade reviews. I still have not finished them, but I can see some of the things that were working for me at that time, and although the market changes, I can start to make a strategy around these plays and modify them over time. I expect them to be very rough at first, but I know that over months of tweaking, they will become much more definded.

As of right now, they are just ideas, but I need to write them down


Play Book Ideas

  1. Intraday Supply and Demand (5min)
  2. Weiland Breakout Strategy
  3. Intraday Small Time Frame Trend Break Retest Scalps - (this is what I saw was working for me from my November reviews)
  4. Higher Time Frame Channel Moves
  5. Trending Day Long Holds
  6. Intraday Channel Trades
  7. Opening Range Breakout (ORB)
  8. Opening Drive
  9. Opening Range Hold
  10. Intraday Trendbreaks
  11. Intraday Break & Retests
  12. 5 Min PM Trend Opening Trade