This week was the first week back trading with real money, forgot all the emotions that come with it. I will have friday but over all break even for the week considering how much i made and lost during the week this account is going to have some swings if i dont change anything. want to shoot for more consistancey. 

Things to work on next week:

*    over trading is defintly an issue i have that can usally come from fomo, normaly my mind starts to wounder and tries to think of more ways to make more money but this is wrong I just need to do what i have ( my stragigy ) it works and i need to follow it is the bigest thing no trading in the noon unless it is a 10/10 trade. 

* patience and only taking good trades , I have been trading all types of set ups out of 10 there are maybe 3-5 that i defently shouldn't be taking and it is killing me slowly, small stabs at the trades some small green but most small red. only strats i should be taking is ( flags, trendlines, macd, pull back / retracement, bounces / retest 

* also there are times where i am taking trades that are a bigger sl than normal when doing this i need to lower my size and or not take the trade at all.