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Missed Trade

  • Difficult to see, but I tried to enter 2 Puts at the grey circle and got no fill (order on the bid)
  • This was a great trade plan, I had a clear risk level, was buying puts at prior resistance, and was following the overall daily trend
  • The one thing that scared me about this trade was the uptrend we had formed
  • Considering this was a multi-factor trade (3 key levels (VWAP, PDC, and Range Resistance)) I should have bought the ask on this trade
  • I was trying to be conservative, so I guess i can't hate on that
  • stop was a candle close above PDC or previous high

**Now, hypothetically if I took this trade I should have gotten out at the low but i'm sure I would have sold one contract as the first candle flushed through the trendline and probably the 2nd one at the first bounce on the next candle after the flush candle (that candle started as a green bounce). So all and all, I probably would not have held my winner and to the target of the bottom of the channel. I need to trust myself and my trades.