June 28, 2023 (3 Trades) (-$11.00)

Overall Grade: C

Day Summary: Today I had a short trading session because of a doctor's appointment and I did feel a bit pressured to put on a trade. Neither of the two trades from the morning session were very comfortable for me, but both would have been winners if I held, and one would have been a nice winner. The 3rd trade was from work on my phone. Yeaa, not gonna do that again. That was stressful.





Trade 1 - Long 2 Puts @ Trendline + Key Levels (VWAP & PM Low) (Range)

Grade: C-

  • entry was rushed (FOMO)
  • I was not comfortable in this trade and that is why i closed it quickly, but if I had held, and I should have bc stop was a close above VWAP) I would have made money on this trade
  • With the above being said, I'm glad I got out of a trade that i wasn't confident in
  • I bought puts at support, so that was the main reason I was uncomfortable
  • The fact that we had just made a LH on a fake trendbreak should have given me more confidense in this trade (result below)

FIX: Patience on the entry. Hold to planned stop. Sell into Resistance, not Support


Trade 2 - Long 2 Calls @ Break & Retest (continuation)

Grade: B-

  • Following the trend - good
  • Buying calls at HOD - not so good, however after the morning range and fake low, it made sense that this would continue up
  • red retest candle - not prefered
  • stop was candle close under break candle
  • Sold winners immediately into green - stop those mfs at breakeven bc this trade ran up after this
  • I was also a bit uncomfortable in this trade bc it was a HOD B&RT

FIX: Same as usual, hold the MF winners !!


Trade 3 - Long 1 Put @ Key Level

Grade: C-

  • **This trade was taken on my phone at work, so charts looked different**
  • First off, don't ever do that again ^^
  • Otherwise, this was the middle of an intraday range
  • This was a Key Level from the 30min time frame, but you can't see that level in this photo, only on the mobile app
  • Too choppy to be trading this late in the day
  • Stop was a candle close above VWAP but this trade would have worked

FIX: Don't trade on your phone at work - simple as that


TAKEAWAYS: I am seeing the right trades and entries, just not properly executing on those trades. That is a good sign. At least i am right about direction. Clean up the execution and watch the green start rolling in. Other than that, as usual I NEED to hold my winners. That is killing my P/L right now and making it near impossible to be profitable. 2nd trade of the day would've been a day maker had I just put a stop at breakeven and held. Remember that.