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Results: Q1 was when I first started to look at internals but that wasnt until about march and even then I was not using them the way I use them now. To look back though and see that my win rate is unchanged and my R is unchanged makes me feel like if my stats are so similar nowadays then what am I really doing differently? To only make 46 is hilarious but its also silly for me to expect more when I am not a profitable trader yet. 

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    - These posts pretty much show exactly what went wrong in Q2. Overcomplication to the maximum. No surprise there. I was in a huge study phase where I wanted to learn as much as possible and that meant I was all over the place. I was trading like 7 different setups that I created all within 1 month lol. That is ridiculous but this is what fueled my growth in the Q3.

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    - This is finally where I began to stick to one strategy and one strategy alone. Back then I called it LHLR which meant Liquidity hit liquidity run. The premise was wait for internal trend, find liquidity swipe levels, wait for the swipe, see if internals continue trend, take reversal. This was my attempt at trying to increase my win rate. I can see that slowly over the course of the year I went from confused as fuck, to still very confused, to less confused, to now pretty focused. Let see what Q4 did.
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Wow what a year.... I didnt realize how far ive come with my strategy. In the beginning of the year I truly had zero strategy whatsoever and had no clue what the hell I was doing. I was jumping from this to that over and over and over again while having no clue what direction to take. Eventually I gave it all up and stuck to one simple strategy and that is what I am doing currently and it finally seems like its working a bit. I built an entire glamp site this year and made 60% return on it, I made over $5k doing construction projects randomly so I opened up an LLC and will crush that shit next year. I am finally coming into my stride of what I think the market will be doing on a daily basis and I have my exact setup.... Would I love to look back on this year and see a $25k number? of course I would. I really do think all of these years of me fuddling around having no fucking clue what to do will be the reasons why next year I finally get into a true stride and crush it in trading, construction, and airbnb. I am so lucky and happy that I get to pursue multiple dreams of mine all at the same time. Yes its extremely stressful and I am constantly trying to diminish that stress but wow I truly have come so far in my journey of being a businessman. If there is one thing that is a guaranteed about business its that hardly anyone makes it without a prolonged period of being dead broke. For the last 4 years I have been in that category and I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel, albeit its still extremely far away but I can see it.